US / Argentina – entire families die without help: Annual fundraising to fight poverty

US / Argentina - entire families die without help: Annual fundraising to fight poverty

US / Argentina – entire families die without help: Annual fundraising to fight poverty


Buenos Aires (Agenzia Fights) – MGR Carlos Jose Tissera, Bishop of Guerreroes, President of the Cretaceous Argentina, presided over the press conference to present the annual Caritas collection in virtual form on June 12 and 13. “In difficult times, we share more”. During the presentation, Coritas Argentina and the Catholic University of Argentina’s Social Credit Observatory (ODSA UCA) presented a report entitled “A Face Behind Every Image. Radiography of Poverty in Argentina”, highlighting evidence of a serious social situation in the country and the needs of the poor. Are made.
Bishop Tissera was called to respond to the challenge of the crisis “affecting all families”. If Caritas makes this request, we can all respond to it. So “responsible.” The “Bishop of Quills” asked Argentina to make a firm and monetary gesture to keep in mind this situation of suffering, pain and poverty. He recalled the words of Pope Francis, “Build bridges,” and thanked volunteers, saying “inequality is the cause of all social ills.”
“Argentina is facing an unprecedented health, social and economic crisis in which entire families are suffering and in fact dying without help,” Bishop Tissera denounced. Bishop declared that “there is an urgent need to modernize the country’s production machinery, so that the economy can grow and create more work resources.” Our men and our women need this so that their families can re-create hope for a better future for their children.
“Political and ideological differences exacerbate the problem because they only create more divisions. Now we must unite, not waste time on fruitless debates or electoral speculations, so that the crisis does not leave us powerless or irreparable damage.”
(EC) (Agency Fights 12/06/2021)

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