Measure driving learning with the “Faculty of Learning Science, TU” you study + like everyone else

Measure driving learning with the "Faculty of Learning Science, TU" you study + like everyone else

When talking about teachers Education or education Do you think you need to graduate and become a teacher? But do any of you know that?Faculty of Learning Science and Education Dhammasad University is a group with the word Education But stillDidn’t graduate directly as a teacher! In addition, it is interesting to study and measure different and unique learning outcomes. Today Dream campus So, I like to take the kids to get to know the group better.

Drive learning with "Faculty of Learning Science, TU."Read and measure like everyone else
“Studying and measuring learning outcomes with the Faculty of Learning Sciences Tammasad University is like nothing else

Learn about the “Faculty of Learning Science and Education, TU” in measuring learning and learning outcomes.

Faculty of Learning Science and Education (Wit-ta-ya-con-learn-and-sook-sa-sadly read), LSED (L-Set) is the name of a group that often mispronounces the names of many and does not know the name. Because it is a faculty that has not yet opened Tammasad University, Ranjit Center, Padum Dhani has a total of 4 years of teaching in the province, or as many call it. “Tung Rangsit” That’s all

Origin of this teacher The university and teachers have seen the problem of Thai education which has been around for a long time, so this faculty was born. Wow! Listen to it and feel the excitement of this group, right? But in order not to waste time, let’s take a look at how teachers have studied and measured learning outcomes.

For 4 years, what have we learned?

  • Learn about Year 1Public University subjects AndThe basics of the pedestal
  • Learn through year 2Go to the actual area Make plans for the community
  • Year 3 in depthTeacher specific subjectsAnd lessonsAttention Including
    • Learning and teaching methods
    • Learning management
    • Educational Technology
  • Year 4, practical training, graduatedTrainingSerious and materialFree choice

* Focus on teacher content content Understanding human learning and learning theoryBased on knowledge in various sciences

Read the cooler and do activities in the classroom.
Read the cooler and do activities in the classroom.

Have fun studying in the academic style of Dhammasad University and get up and sit comfortably.

Let me tell you that the brethren are secretive to me from the teachers This pedestal is so much fun to learn. This is because most teachers in each subject will use the learning style Active learning This is a study that does not focus on taking lecture notesEmphasis on practiceYes

In addition, teachers also place emphasis on students Author Tithikarn The faculty lecturer said “Teachers hope students will learn well, should comeOwn learning experience TeacherDesigning and creating the environmentIn order for this kind of learning to occur, what Active learning So answering more questions from the teachers. “

For example If you are learning a theory the teacher did not come to teach in front of the classroom. Listen and listen by explaining to the children. But the teacher will have the activities for the children to do, and then exchange learning together. What activities have we learned in the past? The author will then explain more about the theory. Today the brothers learned online during the last semester. The author is also secretiveMeasures to enlarge students before classes begin.Even

Current work through real classroom brainwashing.  (Brothers and sisters when Govid did not come)
Current work through real classroom brainwashing. (Brothers and sisters when Govid did not come)

Measuring learning outcomes is not just about reading books to take the exam.

Brother Nook Nick, let me tell you first that this faculty does not really focus on students to pass the answer in the exam room because this faculty measures students’ learning outcomes in different ways. Write an essayEducation Write reflections Reflect learning Create a plan According to the course requirementsPractical choiceIn subjects that focus on practiceOral selectionIt’s like sitting down and talking with a teacher (but it’s a choice that really measures learning)

Either wayA. Linda Another faculty member again, let’s hear it The scale of learning outcomes teachers have is really different This is not just a normal cut.In addition to high school of course like children, students in some subjects also participate in this matter.

But I would like to emphasize again that if students think that this faculty is convenient to study you are wrong! Because although there is no choice but to focus on memory, there isSerious and serious real work TT (If you want to know how heavy you are you should watch your IG stories. In the group)

பயிற்சி தேர்வின் சூழ்நிலை  அது உண்மையில் செய்யப்பட வேண்டும்> <
The context of the training exam is that it should actually be done>

So what career can you do if you have not graduated to become a teacher?

  • Inventors and social entrepreneurs
  • Processor or facilitator
  • Education and Learning Technologist
  • Instructional Material Designer
  • Designer and Learning Manager
  • Learning and Education Researcher
  • Communication and Coordinator
  • Coaches and people working in human resource development
  • We are interested in others
சகோதர சகோதரிகளின் சூழ்நிலையுடன் முடிவடைகிறது. ஆண்டின் 2 முதல் 7 நாட்களில் உண்மையான சமூகத்திற்கு செல்வோம்> <
It ends with the situation of the brothers and sisters. Let’s go to the real community 2 to 7 days a year>

Today, we have already come to an end. But that’s not all. Because Brother Nook would come to answer that questionWhy not graduate directly as this faculty member? That’s because the faculty teachers ’curriculum Bachelor of Arts No. Bachelor of Education or Bachelor’s degree Like the Faculty of Education or Faculty of Education at other universities Special! For those interested in teaching, they may choose to study Focus courses in Year 3. Type of learning and teaching methodsYes (but secretly whispers it. There are some graduates who have graduated to work as teachers.)

Thanks for the info from

Thanks for the info from Azarn Didikarn Azhargul and Azarn Linda Yeh Lecturer in the Faculty of Learning Science and Education Also thanks for the photos of faculty members and brothers from the Faculty of Learning Science and Education. Shared by

How are you? After seeing this with a chic like others with the Faculty of Learning Science and Education, would you like to read? Or do you think this pedestal is right for you? Don’t forget to comment and share. Brother Nook is waiting to read Nick>

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