Brexit: As for London, UK unity is not “negotiable”

Brexit: As for London, UK unity is not "negotiable"

BAccording to the British Foreign Secretary, the unity of the United Kingdom is not “negotiable.” With this statement, Dominique Robb responded to French President Emmanuel Macron’s commitment to post-Brexit arrangements for Northern Ireland. “We have not negotiated or stumbled upon the unity of the United Kingdom. It is not regional, constitutional or the economic integrity of the United Kingdom.

London accuses the EU of pursuing a “very clean approach” to the use of new specific tariffs in Northern Ireland, a source of tension in the British province. These measures were negotiated as part of the Brexit agreement signed in 2019 by the Boris Johnson government, but they are causing great tensions in the British province. These disrupt trade, especially with the island of Great Britain, and provoke the wrath of unionists loyal to the British Crown.

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In the G7, the object is in the table

The day before the reports, Emmanuel Macron had warned that “nothing can be reconsidered” on the Brexit issue, believing that “after many years of discussion and work in July” the desire to reconsider what was finalized was not “serious”. The head of state criticized London’s approach to new customs rules specific to Northern Ireland. “I think the ball is in the court of the EU, and we understand what the French have said.

This Thursday was the question on the first Ted-e-Ted menu between US President Joe Biden and the first British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to be linked to his Irish roots. EU leaders plan to raise the issue during a meeting with the British leader on the sidelines of the G7 summit in the UK this Saturday. In an interview with the BBC, Joe Biden, head of the Conservative government, vowed not to provoke US resentment over London’s efforts to change “Northern Irish ethics.”

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