Be careful, you are suffering from the biggest password leak in history.

Fuite mots de passe

A large file reveals billions of passwords owned by all Internet users around the world. This is believed to be the biggest password leak in internet history.

«RockYou2021. If this glamorous name could better appoint a great music festival to end this endless epidemic, it is not. It is the name of a large file containing nearly 100 GB, including billions of passwords from Internet users around the world. According to Cyber ​​News, This file may contain two passwords for each Internet user in the world, and today 4.7 billion people worldwide use the Internet. In other words: You definitely care (we are).

The biggest password leak in internet history

The file appeared on a hacker forum, which said it contained no less than 82 billion passwords. After the analysis of the researchers of Cyber ​​News, Which will not be added at the end “What” 8 459 060 239. This is stable enough to be the biggest password leak in internet history.

According to the hacker who posted «RockYou2021, These passwords compile passwords stolen from multiple leaks and other cyber attacks on various websites. If you use the same password on different accounts, there is a good chance your accounts will be compromised.

To find out if you have been affected by this historical password leak, Cyber ​​News Uploaded An online application For this purpose. If you ever see one of your passwords leaked, we can not recommend changing it now. It’s time to be extra vigilant about the difference Frauds And others Malware They are currently on the rise, and they are likely to intensify further.

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