AFP Withdrawal: If you do not have a cell phone number in your name, you can register | AFP | Withdrawal 4 ITU | AFP Withdrawal | Covit-19 | பெரு nnda-nnlt | Answers

AFP Withdrawal: If you do not have a cell phone number in your name, you can register |  AFP |  Withdrawal 4 ITU |  AFP Withdrawal |  Covit-19 |  பெரு nnda-nnlt |  Answers

Dozens of users who have used social networking sites have complained that they have trouble registering for up to four tax units (UITs). , Many connectors confirm that the problem is related to the update of the cell phone number they registered.

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Also, since there are associates who claim to have registered a mobile number that is not in their name, many wonder if they can continue the registration if they do not have their own tax connection. ?

As explained in AFP Integra, you can continue to register the application even when a warning appears stating that the cell phone number you entered is not in your name.

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“If you want to change your cell phone number, you can press the ‘Update’ button, otherwise press the ‘Continue’ button to continue recording your request using the same number.”, They promise.

As reported at Integra and Habitat, The cell phone number is requested almost at the end of the registration and must be filled in with the email address This allows AFPs to contact the subsidiary regarding the status of their withdrawal request.

When can I enter my application?

Because they are still in the first registration table, This week it will be up to the subsidiaries ending in DNIs 4 and 5. Next week they will continue with the numbers 6, 7 and 8 until they end with 9 on June 23rd.

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What happens next? As explained Aldo Ferini, General Manager, AFP Integra, Pension fund executives will follow a new schedule and analyze whether it will be registered or made clear until the deadline established by law is met.

Precisely, la la Act No. 31192 What Allows withdrawal up to S / .17,600, Which came into force last May 7, establishes that the period for accessing these benefits has been extended to 90 calendar days of validity of its terms. With this, the subsidiaries can submit their withdrawal request till next August 24.

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Steps to register

If you are a sub Private Pension System (SPP) You have decided to access the withdrawal of four UITs, you should know that you can only submit one withdrawal request, which must be entered through the portal .

To begin the withdrawal process, You must complete the virtual design (Request), to begin with, will ask for your ID document number, verification number in a DNI case and your date of birth.

Further, You must have a bank account number. In this case, as stated in the AFP Habitat, it must be in the national currency, the applicant must be the owner and not the joint owner.

If you do not have a bank account, you will be given the option to open one at the time of registration of your application and can only be opened at these financial institutions: PPVA, PCB, Interbank, Scotiabank, Panfif, Banco de Commercial, Bango Ripley, Gaja Juanzo, Gaja Sullana and Bango G. N.P.

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Because The same procedure should be carried out by subsidiaries living abroadIn addition to the identity document, you must have foreign bank codes and a document from the bank that can verify your name and bank account number.

Final done Registration of application, What This can be done Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.Except for holidays, you will receive a confirmation message in your email.

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