New clue about Andre Drummond’s future in the locker?

Le pivot NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, Andre Drummond, tape dans la main de son entraineur, Frank Vogel, au moment de rejoindre le banc

Andre Drummond, who came in for the Lakers season, was inspired by coming to the City of Angels. The front office mentions the front line, and this allows us to see a little more clearly about its future.

On the bench for a few weeks with Caves, Andre Drummond had a special season. Deciding to join as a title contender, he got what he wanted after a long wait. His choice fell on the Lockers, with whom he hoped to win his first ring, as well as his first game in the playoffs. Too bad, he didn’t achieve all of his goals.

Since Los Angeles was eliminated in the first round of the playoffs, here we are talking openly about the title. Drummond? For the benefit of Mark Casol he did not even play the 6 games that were on the bench by his coach. Strong news despite the abandonment of Frank Vogel A great statement about his player.

Now, and as the off-season approaches, we are waiting to see if Drummond will be a locker next year. His status as a free agent is questionable, and many fans believe the player should not return after several months. However, Rob Belinga did not really go in this direction.

I think Andre is very good to us. It was the last reunion of the year and we talked about how he had many difficult months before coming here and how he picks up speed and gets used to his new teammates. But we are proud of what he has done in the regular season and playoffs, and we appreciate that he has chosen the lockers.

His speech suggests that if Belinga is unclear, Drummond’s return is most likely possible. good news ? Not really, no. The front office member is respectful, but passing the lead in the city of Angels is undoubtedly missed.

Half-mast performance, a duet with Anthony Davis did not show the slightest spark: re-signing will not be welcomed by fans. His coming to Los Angeles hurt more than anything, and it’s clear that another Post 5 will be better for 2022.

Andre Drummond staying in the lockers? Here is the questionable choice after a major setback to end the season. Its future is uncertain and the position of the fans on the matter is clear.

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