Microsoft applies patent for four camera technology under the logo camera screen or uses Surface Devices-Microsoft Surface

With the introduction of the Surface Duo, Microsoft has proven its idea of ​​dual screen mobile devices with hinges.Recently, however, the Dutch technology blog LetsGoDigital also unveiled Microsoft’s new Surface device, which is characterized by four sensors / cameras under the screen.When the camera is off, a nearby marker can also be displayed so that the user can make changes as needed.


Microsoft Surface Product Purchase Entry



One of the drawbacks of the Surface Duo dual screen mobile device is its camera system. As many reviews have pointed out, the image quality of this 11MP camera is poor.

However, judging from the latest news,MicrosoftThis is expected to change in the future. For example, in October last year, Microsoft posted a job post on the Internet, hoping to appoint a “Chief Android Camera System Architect / Surface Development Engineer”.


(Image via LetsGoDigital)

We now know that Microsoft Technology Licensing Co., Ltd. applied for a design patent for the “Logo Camera” in October 2020, which was officially unveiled by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) on May 14, 2021.

As can be seen from the 40 page document, here is a new invention we have not seen – a detailed introduction of the four cameras hidden under the screen, each camera has its own style.


(Image via LetsGoDigital)

The document states that the technology is mainly aimed at “mobile computing devices such as Microsoft Surface”. With the support of the filter, all four cameras at the bottom of the screen can display color icons (for example, displaying the true color mark when the camera is turned off).

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By default, Microsoft chose to allow their own brand logo to be displayed. Once the camera shutter is activated, the mark disappears and the menu can be set as needed (such as changing to a company or club logo).


(Image via LetsGoDigital)

To make everyone better aware of this technology, the Dutch technology blog LetsGoDigital has teamed up with designer Giuseppe Spinelli to create a series of presentations.

You can see that the four front-facing cameras are set in 2 × 2 format, along with several different camera sensors that can also be used as a modular design to keep the Microsoft device slim.


(Image via LetsGoDigital)

Interestingly, the four sensors mentioned in the document are optimized for the four colors red, yellow, blue and green (RYBG). In addition to standard RGB, the fourth color optimization can further expand its range of applications.

It is worth noting that filters can also help improve camera performance in low light, or are used to provide users with different ideas, such as color tips when the camera is turned on.


(Image via LetsGoDigital)

However, this technology is not without its drawbacks because some color changes can be very sensitive to signal noise (especially when color intensity is low).

Nevertheless, Microsoft still hopes to eliminate the impact through software optimization. For example, the use of artificial intelligence / neural network technology to distinguish between dim light and dim light in an image to correct light loss and contrast.

Finally, in order to mount the logo camera directly below, it is necessary to create some 1mm holes in the screen to provide a light path for the camera. Additionally, the document shows that this patented technology also applies to the rear camera.

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