A Norman’s crazy challenge

A Norman's crazy challenge

Oliver Lidech will tackle the endorsement in early September, a separate event: a 140km swim between London and Dover, a 34km swim across the channel, and then a 290km stretch from Kalais to Paris. Meeting with a man in search of the surplus.

His limitations? He could not find a solution to it. Over time, Oliver Litech has learned to know his body and listen to it, but that doesn’t stop him from embarking on even more interesting challenges. “With age, we tell ourselves we need to rest in between now, but there are always plans, and planning is good.”

And thinking it wasn’t even 10 years ago, he finished the 30km distance on his knees. “It was my first, most beautiful, and after a while, I did it for my daughter.” Since then, Pyrocorax has done Campremerias Pin Valuable race numbers First to his hunting party in France (Mont-Blanc Ultra-Trail, Pierre Mint Savoy), then in Europe (Swiss Speaks In Switzerland, Celtman In Scotland).

Endorsement, a giant triathlon

This time, the challenge is a little different, because Oliver Litech will be alone in front of him l’Enduroman. Created in 2003, this triathlon is also known as the Arch to Arc because it starts Marble gate In London to connect the Arc de Triomphe with Paris.

The distances are interesting: 140 km between London and Dover, at least 34 swimming to cross the channel, and then 290 km from Calais to Paris. Oliver Litech’s most feared swimming event: “It will be the justice of peace and the unknown great”. As we can imagine … of all these large container ships crossing this narrow passage between France and England, there is something to feel very small.

The distances of the androman make it an ultra-triathlon

The distances of the androman make it an ultra-triathlon

© Enduroman

This year, there are 8 of them: 3 French, 3 English, one Belgian and one Indian. But still Only 46 people in the world completed it In almost twenty years. This shows the difficulty of the challenge.

Following the runner’s progress, a company team follows him on the road in real time, as if at sea, ready to help him and apparently feed him. Athletes are also allowed to sleep, but sleep time counts as the final time. “Maybe I’ll rest a little, it’s not possible”, Our Normand laughs.

Registration 49 hours 24 minutes.

Of course, I have no doubt, we will meet those who do not know you from Eve or Adam, but those who inspire you, give you energy …

Oliver Litech, participant in Androman

You should see these amazing pictures of departure in London or arrival of the Champs Elysees, In almost complete anonymity, Except family or close friends. We are far from the famous scenario of the Tour de France or Paris Marathon … yet there is nothing to envy these legendary events in the endorsement effort. “Some species are relatively close. These are things we share with a relatively closed circle. Of course, I have no doubt, we will meet those who do not know you or Eve or Adam, but will inspire you, give you an energy … we find a true relative.”

I have encountered people drowning in phones to see their rankings or to give messages on their Facebook page. Suddenly, there is not much exchange, which is a shame.

Oliver Litech

Our man admits to being surprised by participating in UTMB in Mont-Blanc. “Before the distribution tents, we discussed with strangers in front of us, we redesigned the world knowing that we would never see each other again. , Not much exchange, it’s a shame. “ This is unlikely to happen to him, he is not on social networks! Oliver Litech was not in disrepute, nor did he even install a stopwatch. He wants to end, to surpass himself, once again. There will be atmospheric video His YouTube channel To share his adventures

Report by David Frotta and Carol Lefrancois

Normand Oliver Lidech tackles endorphins

Administrator in business but man of nature

When the English Channel is at 13 degrees like the day of our shooting, what he wants is not training. But his smile did not leave him all day. At sea, on roads or trails, he was like a fish in the water in the middle of nature, quietly, hidden in the Base de Agile Camper, like his home not far from traffic.

What does he want? Put on a pair of sneakers and let yourself be guided by the inspiration of this moment. “Because of the difference in height, what I found, a path I had never made, someone passing in front of me, someone passing that way would allow me to guide myself … “Hey, I did not go” … I try to plan because today we plan a lot of things in life, Even the unexpected. Well no, there is a moment when there is an element of the unexpected and you need to know how to appreciate it! ” Wisdom before fifty.

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