Martinique's American dream for the 16th Gold Cup

Martinique’s American dream for the 16th Gold Cup

For the seventh time in its history, Martinique is preparing to participate in the 16th edition of the Gold Cup, which is scheduled to take place in the United States from July 10 to August 1. Mario Bocali, a Martinique trainer, talked about preparing this meeting for our Internet users.

A qualification obtained from 2019 and Martinique players going on a new adventure here. We’ve been away since 1993, the year the Martinique qualified for their first Gold Cup. Measuring itself against the big nations of North American football is not always easy, but let’s remember the win against Canada in 2013 (1-0) or the win against Nicaragua in 2017 (2-0). of (3-0) 2019 Cup trophy against Cuba.

But for this 2021 edition, with the conditions of the health crisis, it will not be easy to prepare his team for the technical oversight of the Martinique team.

The first problem is athletes. We have players from the top teams of R1 starting again, with professional players… staff coming out on vacation, we will do what we can. Production started with a rehearsal for the week, but we will pass almost daily training from the end of the “6 Majo” contest.

Mario Bocali, Martinique coach

Mario Bogali

Mario Bocali has faith in his players and with his team, they will do everything to better represent Martinique in the United States.

© Concoff

A disconnected product whose ambitions cannot be changed

For the Martinique club, it is essential to deal with the absence of conflicts within the framework of the product. Many friendly matches had to be canceled against organizations like Grenada, Panama, Guadeloupe and Serbia.

This is what bothers me, the lack of these definitions in the face of different football and more commitment. We are not going to regret our situation, the environment is specific, we will do everything to face the challenge, we better represent the colors and values ​​of the country.

Mario Bogali

Before coming to the match on July 11 against Canada, the staff of the League Council and the selection were able to get two preparation matches.

On June 23, we had the opportunity to meet the Quadloop, which is in preparation for the qualifying play-offs for the Gold Cup. It’s mostly a training game, and then, when we make it in the US, we play the game against Kansas City because we can not compete against qualified teams.

As with every international event, the mix of selections always speaks a lot about the opportunity to have professional players with amateur players.

We’ve made a lot of demands on professional players, but I think we’ll be on a 5 or 6 basis. The period is special because it is not a FIFA series, and then I have to say very frankly, some players were contacted and said they were not interested.

Okay, we can do it with players from home as usual and their status will inevitably rise once their professional comrades join us.

The Martinique coach makes it very clear that many French clubs do not know the context of Central American football …

Ultimately, outside of France, managers and technical executives from Italy or Spain know and appreciate much about this Concoff and Gold Cup.

Martinique choice

This is the third consecutive qualification for Martinique to advance to this 16th Gold Cup, with the ambition of creating this record.

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“… Represent Martinique football with determination and determination”

Sports programming, re-athletic training, mental preparation, and team coordination are all factors that must be taken into account to achieve an effective performance by July 11, 2021, and to compete in the pool formed by the United States, Canada, and United States. ‘Waiting for the final qualifier from the scheduled play-offs in Miami in early July.

In terms of objectives, Mario Bogali Is very clear.

If we pass the first round, that’s good. Regardless of the terms and conditions, we will give the maximum, and I know that the players in line can represent Martinique football with determination and determination. I trust my players.

To win this Gold Cup in 2021, despite the health restrictions, Martinique selection staff and players hope to benefit from the Martinique Cup to encourage them. Through the “Medinino’s American Dream” program, supporters are offered a package with transportation and access tickets to stadiums in Dallas (Texas) and Kansas City (Missouri).

Serious things should start at the end of the “6 Majo” match, hoping there will be less injuries so the team prepares itself for the best situation.

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