A pair of sneakers that Evan Fornier can wear at the Olympics

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After removal Celtics In the playoffs, Evan Fornier can focus on the next big step of his life: the Tokyo Olympics! Besides, in this case, he wants to wear a special pair of shoes… and the fans are the power!

Evan Fornier had a tough end to the season with the Celtics மட்டுமல்ல Not only was he knocked out by the Nets in 5 small games, he was also the target he wanted James Horton In the series! What earned him It’s a shame that the unhappy star of a tweet is viral. But like all great athletes, the Frenchman has a steel mind, and he has already advanced.

His new goal? The Tokyo Olympic Games begin this summer! The back will fly to Japan with a clear and ambitious idea in mind: to win a better medal, As announced by Rudy Cobert a few weeks ago. And Evan Fornier wants to shine his game and his style on the floors! So he started a big challenge for his subscribers!

Evan Fornier had a great idea with this little match involving France team fans! The projects are plentiful and the results are relatively good. One thing is for sure, all budding designers have put a lot of effort into creating couples that speak to Fornier and his history. Don’t hesitate to get started!

Evan Fornier will have unique shoes for the next Olympiad, which we hope will allow him to excel on the ground. The Blues will need it Get the medal!

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