Via space from London to China

Via space from London to China


Video Length: 2 min.

Photo Weekly: Floating in space, floating in the swimming pool
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In the photo hepto section of the newspaper on Friday night, June 4, at 8 pm, we summarize a week of current affairs in editing images.

Is he dizzy? Hanging a crane, a Russian astronaut moves around the International Space Station. He is preparing for the arrival of a new batch. If he floats in space, the others float in the water. In London (United Kingdom), swimmers swim in a parked swimming pool 35 meters above the ground. An offer is reserved for a valuable real estate complex. What is a true luxury space?

On the south coast of England, thousands of people walk on the sidewalk. China, the world’s most populous country, has made the most political decisions. Henceforth, couples can have three children instead of two, and the population can fight back. And in Colombia, The flame of resistance will not stop : Demonstrators demand more social justice amid fighting with police

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