Survivor: Statistically the best and worst player

Survivor: Statistically the best and worst player

Survivor, who was successful this year in terms of number of spectators after the departure of Triandaphylos, has now reached the top seven, and the competition is excellent. However, the statistics “show” the best and worst player in comparison.

This year Survivor TV has been a huge hit in the numbers, which is why he decided Ajun Prolonging the reality of survival is not accidental.

After he left Αντάφυλλου From Dominican Republic, Now there are seven best players, they will try to win big prizes and of course, they will stay in the game.

Two favorites for the final Elias Bogtanos And Sakis Katsolis, Those with the most wins in the race. According to statistics, the top seven player in the remaining seven is Sakis with 133 wins, however the public will decide whether or not to reach the final. On the contrary, the worst player George Asimgopoulos With 83.

There are challenges between Elias and Zakis, with the former having 4 and the latter 4.5 conflicts. Thus ends the trinity George Coromi With performance 5.

Previously Survivor Final

As for the Survivor finals, the data has changed because it happened earlier because, as revealed on the show, they can’t pull it as much as they want. You are happy.

Possible scenarios speak to the beginning of July or the end of June. The semifinals will take place Galaxy, In the presence of families, who will not travel Dominican Republic During the game.


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