Australia stands in Le Havre

Australia stands in Le Havre

If Le Havre (Sean-Maritime) and Sydney were separated by more than 17,000 kilometers, this would not prevent the sea city from becoming the French capital “Australia is now France 2021”, a seductive move by the Australian government in France. He decided to send his ambassador Gillian Bird with Mayor Edward Philip on Saturday, June 5 for the event.

This is called the “Australian stop” Comprehensive entertainment plan Sports, Exhibitions, Concerts and Performances A great feast will be held in all parts of the city on Saturday 12th November, with cricket demonstrations on the weekends of 17th and 18th July, exhibitions of ancient or contemporary tribal arts or an herb from the southern lands established in the hanging gardens.

A fantastic exhibition dedicated to Lesur

Several events showing the connection of the port of Le Havre with the mainland with roots 200 years ago. “In 1800, at Bonaparte’s request, a major scientific expedition to South Australia was arranged, at which time it had not yet been fully mapped. For this voyage of discovery to the southern regions, which lasted until 1804, two ships were chartered.” Designer ”,“ Gabriel Paglion, Curator of Intimacy of a Link (1801-2021), a magnificent exhibition dedicated to this perilous journey. More than 200 of Lesour’s drawings and manuscripts have been selected from the Museum to Howre’s Collections


More than 200 paintings by Charles Alexandre Lesur are on display at the Museum of Howrah. LP / Laurent Droot More than 200 paintings by Charles Alexandre Lesur are on display at the Museum of Howrah. LP / Laurent Droot


Inspired by the precision of the designer’s sequence that excludes the after effects of a snake bite from his journey, Gabriel Paglion wanted to highlight the many dimensions of his work. It is connected with the biodiversity of that period by comparing it with the present flora and fauna. As for everyday objects, he will study meticulously in his drawings, thanks to which he can recreate them today. Or something that describes in detail the tribal people and their way of life.

“At the time, ethnography was not like that. But Lesur’s interest and ability to put what he saw on paper formed a formidable team with some equivalents,” excites the viewer of the exhibition, which is filled with many wonderful works by talented artists on Cosnet, a weaving technique that marks the creation of the marine world. Fishing nets are found on developing beaches.A unique ensemble on a French and European scale.

“Intimacy of a Link (1801-2021)”, June 5 to November 7, at the Le Havre Museum, Place to Vieques-March é. Open Tuesday through Sunday, 10am to 2pm, 2pm to 6pm.

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