Will C-3 PO, R2-D2 or Iron Man robots ever really exist?

Will C-3 PO, R2-D2 or Iron Man robots ever really exist?

Star Wars Heroes R2D2 and C3PO – Jonathan Short / AP / SIPA

  • On Thursday, the Montpellier Association of Science Animation, in a conference aired on YouTube, will separate the robot stars of science fiction for experts.
  • Will C-3 PO, R2-D2 or Iron Man ever be there? Why not. But some aspects will still require a lot of work from researchers.
  • Today robots are able to perform simple tasks, but are still unable to take initiatives or express emotions.

What if the robots imagined by the masters of science fiction become reality? Thursday (7pm), Live on Youtube, Association
Scientific animation Giving voice to robotics experts, they will separate machines popular with cinema and series: Iron Man, C-3 PO, R2-D2, Wall-E … to put oil in your mouth, 20 minutes Asked Vincent Cruz, a lecturer and researcher at the Laboratory of Computer Science, Robotics and Microelectronics
Montpellier (Lirm), to explore the possibility of these machines coming alive.

Answer “Why not”. But some of the key features of these heroes, their charm (and their strength), still require a lot of work from researchers. First, existing (or almost) existing. If our smartphones do not master millions of communications, the C-3 PO is often proud Star Wars, Translation applications allow more than one tourist to leave Panat overseas. “It’s the same thing,” Vincent Cruz points out.

“Today, machines don’t think”

When the R2-D2 performs simple mechanical tasks, that too is possible. “A robot that knows how to drive a car, for example, we know how to do it,” the researcher continues. At Lirm, colleagues create a robot that can move behind the wheel and press the brake pedal or clutch. On Tuesday, on Twitter, the military unveiled a robot called Paraguda, which is capable of carrying a ton of material and can even be fitted with an armor. We are not far from some of the basic features of the little robot, Luke accompanies him on the adventures of Skywalker.

At present it is impossible. “In Iron man, Armor takes initiative, anticipates, reflects, Vincent Cruz mentions. Today, machines don’t think. They only do planned tasks and their behaviors are planned. Even when it comes
Artificial intelligence : Once the machine recognizes an object, it does not make a decision automatically. »So views, in Star Wars, We see robots arguing among themselves to develop a strategy, not tomorrow. “One day someone will pass by these types of robots, like the C3-PO, no doubt walk the streets, the researcher continues. But they can take the initiative, and it will take some more time.”

Iron man
Iron Man – Sofa Images / Siba

“The robot can only simulate an emotion”

The robots that exist today cannot feel and express any emotion. Delighted at R2-D2, he stamps his feet on the spot, scared at C3-PO, it doesn’t. “The robot can only simulate an emotion,” the researcher continues. Like the attached speakers, it is “designed to give the impression that they have a certain sensitivity”. But “a real passion, a connection with his master, it can’t be today,” Vincent Cruz notes.

Another problem: their autonomy. “Today humanoid robots last about twenty minutes,” explains the Montpellier expert. If it is to last long, they will have to carry their own batteries. There, we enter a vicious circle: the more batteries they carry, the more energy it consumes. “

The future for human robots?

Finally, there is a limit to the creation of human figures: sometimes, putting eyes, hands and feet on a machine is useless in real life. In movies, this is (almost) always the case. In cinema, Vincent Cruz notes that “sometimes we see robots making other robots in factories.” That doesn’t make sense. Instead we will install fast and accurate robotic weapons. In the industrial underwater environment, for example, some valves can be operated by large robots. We are not going to worry about creating human robots. “

On the other hand, to help an elderly person at home, because there are climbing stairs, buttons, handles… And it would make sense to create a human figure, as it is better accepted. So auntie C3-PO, yes. But from the last episode before he chats with her Still beautiful life, There is still work to be done.

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