Marcus Semion is America’s Monthly Player

Marcus Semion is America's Monthly Player

The Toronto Blue Zeus defeated the Miami Marlins 5-1 yesterday, and the performance of Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is in the media today.

The youngster had four wins for the first time since starting his MLP career and became the number one home runner-up in 2021 (17) (tied with Ronald Aqua Jr.).

But today, we highlight the outstanding work done by one of his teammates, Marcus Semian. The veteran, who is in his first season with Jayce, is given the “title” of Player of the Month in the United States, which is highly deserved.

On the national side, Fernando Todd Jr. is lucky.

We can see this in the tweet above, but Semian finished with eight home runs and 22 Reserve Banks in May and has an additional hit line of .368 / 429 / .702. He has been a big factor in his team’s recent success.

For many years, the veteran played the first hitter with the A’s, which is currently due to the injury of George Springer. The Chernier is slowly recovering from injury and will soon be able to return to his position in this order.

The question to ask is: should Springer be lined up as the first hitter and then all retreat? Or are we giving up what we have now because of Semyon’s recent batting success?

The answer to this question was clear a month ago when every Zeus player was fighting offensively. But here, the situation has changed and a solution must be found so that the team can continue to win.

10e Some
  • Jug of the Month in both leagues:
  • Liam Hendrix has been enjoying some good times since last year.

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