$ 35 per month for bike sharing service in Quebec

$ 35 per month for bike sharing service in Quebec

Just weeks before launching the brand new bike sharing service, RTC announced that it would cost $ 35 a month to use. The monthly subscription to the OPUS card does not provide access to electric bikes. This is a separate service.

Must travel within 30 minutes. Beyond 30 minutes, you will have to pay a few dollars more depending on the time you use. Targeted are micro-displacements, Explains RTC Chairman Rami Normand. He points out that RTC was inspired by what was being done elsewhere to determine the period drawn by the monthly subscription.

For the first year, we want people to try it, enjoy it, and get a taste of it.

An excerpt from:Rami Normand, President of the RTC

Ten stations and a hundred bicycles are available at La Citte-Limoilo. The RTC has specified the selected locations. This service will then be extended to nearby areas. It is not possible to set up e-bike stations in the suburbs.

Placing electric bikes in the suburbs doesn’t help much, Believes Rami Normand. RTC is targeting other complementary services such as the Flexipus service, which will be operational in the fall.

Ten stations will be set up in Quebec City.See larger image (New window)

Ten stations will be set up in Quebec City.

Photo: Courtesy / Quebec City

For bike sharing, you can also pay à la carte. It costs $ 6 per trip.


In addition, RTC has awarded the contract to VIA Mobil LLC to set up the on-demand transportation service Flexipus. This is a booking service that allows users to get traffic from home to the nearest bus route.

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The US company that won the call for tenders is located in about 20 countries around the world and in several cities across the country. It comes with its digital platform, which makes it possible to record information to quickly improve customer service.

The application is great for us, Shouts RTC General Manager Alain Mercier. We will benefit from their expertise for our new service. He argues that this is not just a booking application. This will provide feedback to customers.


In addition, there is a long delay in returning to normal on city buses. Control, curfew order and dark red zone have curtailed efforts to bring back some customers. 50% of pre-infection users are buses.

The return of students and students to school will take place next fall at RTC. The Quebec government announced on Monday that more than 75% of young people will be vaccinated and, if they receive two doses, will be allowed back into school until September without direct schooling and social distance.

For RTC, this means revenue from key customers. We are based on a lot of confidence in returning to the fall, Rami confirms Normandy.

RTC expects ridership to be 80% by the end of this year. We are confident that we will achieve our goals, He said confidently.

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