Researchers: It is important to take the Covit-19 vaccine seriously

Researchers: It is important to take the Covit-19 vaccine seriously

A vaccine is ineffective if not used. The practices in Sweden, which have a low vaccination rate for people living in socio-economically vulnerable areas, are found in other countries as well.

– We note that the reluctance to vaccinate is not primarily about the information given, but whether those in the area can trust the informants, says Cohen Peters, professor of sociology at the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp.

Peters mentions it He calls marginalized groups – those who distrust the government or have bad experiences with the government. His team is part of a program that works with researchers in Leuven, London and Paris to study vaccine resistance and Covid 19.

– For most people, it is not clear whether this is a vaccine or not. Instead, the approach will vary depending on whether there is new knowledge about side effects or the information you need to be vaccinated to travel, he says.

Goen Peters, professor of sociology at the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp.

Goen Peters, professor of sociology at the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp.

Heidi Larson, prof The information provided by the founder of the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, and the Vaccine Trust program, emphasizes the need to answer relevant questions that people ask.

“You build trust by responding based on how people live their daily lives,” he writes in an article. Media Network Project Syndicate.

He urges governments and officials to report their actions as soon as possible: “Every day involving vaccine communications becomes a breeding ground for concern and misinformation without delay or doubt – most of which is done online.”

Heidi Larson also insists that people should ask questions about Covid 19 without being treated with contempt.

Goen Peters is inside On the same track.

– There is a real concern and it should be taken seriously. How is it possible that the vaccine is being developed so quickly? Do they affect fertility? What do we know about side effects? You need to have a conversation that allows you to deal with stress, he says, and reminds you that this concern is also present in employees in the health care system.

According to him, it is difficult to know how widespread the vaccination week against Covid 19 is in different groups. On the one hand, it is difficult to vaccinate for a long time, on the other hand, the measurements made are usually web-based. Then getting a representative sample is a problem.

– For those who do not feel involved in society, it is difficult to be sure that you are being vaccinated for the benefit of all. If you’re too young and not too sick from the cove, you may find it hard to convince, says Cohen Peters.

Vaccinate more people It’s about building trust and having a good conversation with groups in vulnerable areas, Peters Causes. A conversation doesn’t go fast and is hard in the middle of an epidemic.

– There are many such plans now, but its effects will not be felt immediately, but in the long run, he believes.

Currently, it is about how individuals justify their personal benefit in relation to risks.

– Take the app available in Denmark for example, which shows that you have been tested to go to a restaurant. Or pass to travel for vaccination. Goyan says this makes a difference for some people about vaccines.

The group of rock-heart vaccine opponents, which is still small, doesn’t have much to do, he says the reason.

Physicians and nurses are the most trusted in the community.

Heidi Larson points out How important is health.

“Physicians and nurses are very trusted in the community, so it’s important that they have emotional time to listen to their patients’ wonders.

Goen Peters fears that the epidemic has created unrest in society, which makes more people reluctant to get vaccinated.

– Under normal circumstances, there are many who do not fully believe that vaccination is good, but because the vaccination rate is so high, most people do it anyway. Now, when there is concern and uncertainty around the cove, more and more people are hesitant. It will be a difficult situation to handle, he says.

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