Blingen in Central America to tackle the causes of immigrant arrivals

Blingen in Central America to tackle the causes of immigrant arrivals

For his first visit to Latin America, Anthony Blinkan chose to travel to San Jose, Costa Rica, where the foreign ministers of the Central American Coordinating Agency (SICA) meet: Costa Rica, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Dominican Republic and Salvador Are present.

At the heart of this two-day trip is the issue of pin migration, which quickly became a mystery to US President Joe Biden.

What we want to hear from our partners is a shared commitment to dealing with us, the root causes.“of”Illegal migration“Anthony Blingen told a news conference with Costa Rican President Carlos Alvarado.”It motivates people to give up everything they know, home, family, community, culture, language, etc. because they feel they have no choice.

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Joe Biden, who arrived at the White House in January, was immediately confronted by a large number of immigrants from Central America to the border with Mexico.

Republicans are also blaming those who pledged immigration policy. “Man“Turning the page on strict restrictions on Donald Trump’s presidency, for creating a draft – denying it exists today”Crisis“.

– Democracy “Weakened“-

The Democrats have handed over a high-risk document to its vice president, Kamala Harris, who will be visiting Mexico and Guatemala for the first time next week.

In order to fulfill its desire to solve more problems “At the root“, He announced a $ 4 billion envelope over four years to help the development of the countries of the Northern Triangle (Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador).

However, the distribution of these funds is now coming against the growing ties with El Salvador, in which Washington has condemned attacks by the authorities against the independence of the judiciary.

More broadly, in Central America, the United States has not hidden its concerns about the situation in Nicaragua in terms of democracy, press freedom and human rights.

We meet at a time when democracy and human rights are being undermined in many parts of the region“, Lamented Anthony Blingen.”We see this in the erosion of the independence of the judiciary, the repression of the independent media and NGOs, the banning of political opponents and the retreat in the fight against corruption.“, He added, promised to take this message to all.”Transparency“To its concerned colleagues.

Questions surrounding corruption“Or”Anti-democratic behavior“,”This is the direct cause“It pushes immigrants to the United States,” a senior U.S. official told reporters after a meeting of ministers from the region.

We cannot wait until governments are right“,”And we need to work with them when it comes to civil society and the private sector“, Pleaded with another member of the U.S. delegation.

The Secretary of State actually promised that the United States was ready to cooperate with all governments, right or left, but stressed the need to reaffirm their commitment to democracy and democracy. The fight against corruption.

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On the contrary, he congratulated. “Example“From Costa Rica, it has joined the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).



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