Canada is shocked by the discovery of the remains of tribal children

Canada is shocked by the discovery of the remains of tribal children

The invention shook the country. The remains of 215 aboriginal children, educated at the facility, which operated between 1890 and 1969, were found Thursday after a special investigation at the site of a former boarding school in British Columbia. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau later pledged “Concrete Activities”. “The tragic legacy of residential schools still exists today and our government will continue to support survivors, their families and their communities across the country with concrete action,” he said. He said without specifying what the next steps would be.

Start new searches for human remains on other residential school sites, as requested by Native leaders “An important part of uncovering the truth”, Justin Trudeau confessed during his first press conference after the tragic discovery near Kamloops, British Columbia. “I hope we do more”, He continued. “As a father, I can’t imagine how I would feel if my children were taken away from me. As Prime Minister, I am appalled by the shameful policies that have stolen tribal children from their communities.”

Ottawa’s “terrible defeat”

In addition, Justin Trudeau agreed “Terrible failure” In its relations with the tribal communities of Ottawa. “There is still a lot to do”, Reconciliation with Canada’s first people since coming to power in 2015 has been one of his priorities. Trudeau is due to take up the issue with several ministers this Tuesday afternoon, including Indigenous Relations Officer Caroline Bennett. “Our government will continue to work with these communities to identify culturally acceptable approaches to identifying these children, to locate burials, and to honor the memory of all those who have died or disappeared while attending these facilities.” He told the Senate, according to the CBC. “Once we know the truth, we can no longer know it”, She insisted.

Local media have reported that tribal leaders, including Perry Bellicard, the first president of the National Assembly, should conduct research on the sites of former residential schools. Indigenous communities “He deserves to know the truth and have a chance to heal [la blessure] On the loss of dead children ”, Perry Bellicard said in a statement quoted Globe and Mail. On Sunday, the country hoisted its official flags, while ceremonies in memory of the young victims were held in various parts of the country. In Quebec, participants pay homage to children’s shoes and toys on the steps of Saint-Franசois-Xavier Church in Kahnawak, near Montreal.

“Cultural Genocide”

An expert used earth-radar to locate the remains at the site of a former residential school near Kamloops, run by the Catholic Church. This type of institution was created in the late 19th century and lasted until the 90s, with the aim of removing tribal children from their communities and integrating them into the dominant culture. “I have no doubt they will find more elsewhere,” he said. Said Eddie Charlie, a former student at a boarding school on Cooper Island near Vancouver on CDV. “They need to know where to look.” About 150,000 Native American, Medes and Inuit children were forcibly forced into 139 residential schools across the country, where they were cut off from their families, languages ​​and culture. In 2015, a National Commission of Inquiry called for the organization “Cultural Genocide”. As part of a $ 1.9 billion (3 1.3 billion) deal, Ottawa issued a formal apology to survivors of these boarding schools in 2008.

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