In the second round, the Comptroller’s Office received 14 warnings about the misuse of public resources nndc | Politics

In the second round, the Comptroller's Office received 14 warnings about the misuse of public resources  nndc |  Politics

The Report so far There have been 13 virtual complaints and 14 warnings about the misuse of public resources, including a former officer. The warnings come from citizens of metropolitan Lima, Calvo, Cajamarca, Cuzco, Ica, Junan, Lombok and Lima provinces.

“A portion of the complaints have been referred to the National Directorate of Electoral Arbitration (JNE) for oversight and to have exclusive expertise in matters referred to the National Directorate of Electoral Processes,” the Comptroller’s Office said in a statement.

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The regulatory body reminds the citizens of the entire country that the virtual site “In these elections, you have control” can warn against the misuse of state resources for electoral purposes and / or political conversion.

“There is an opportunity for citizens and civil servants to contribute to the control of state resources by reporting situations where officials, officials and employees disagree on the proper use of public property and resources,” he said in a statement.

  • Obstacles:
  • Use state-owned offices, assets and resources to spread political activities and election campaigns.
  • Allow third parties to use public offices, assets and resources for political conversion or election campaigning.
  • Use public institutional resources to produce an election campaign (stationery, paint, printer ink, etc.).
  • Distribute for election purposes received from public resources, donations or funds received from international cooperation (food from community projects, office supplies, etc.).
  • Use or use small sums of money, directly collected resources or other public funds to fund activities for election purposes.
  • Order the use of vehicles, machinery, equipment or other public property for election purposes.
  • Provide political proselytizing by government employees or a third party hired by a government agency.
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Recommendations to the authorities

The Comptroller’s Office recommended to public officials and staff to act with neutrality and due diligence during the election period and to make proper use of public property and resources.

Likewise, use the information obtained in the use of the post correctly and without preventing access to public information that is favorable or harmful to the candidates.

Refusal to carry out proselytizing activities, to vote, to join or participate in political events, or to force those under employment or the right to vote.

Another suggestion is to reject unnecessary benefits that are favorable or detrimental to the political system or candidates.

How to report

To access the Comptroller’s site and issue warnings, citizens can log in and say, “In this election, you have control”:

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