[Top 50] # 37: Joey Bosa, born a brother | Touchdown Act (NFL Act)

[Top 50] # 37: Joey Bosa, born a brother |  Touchdown Act (NFL Act)

From May 15 to July 3, TDActu offers its top 50 NFL players. To get to this ranking, each member of the editorial staff voted for the 50 players who would be on their team to start the upcoming season. These rankings were later compiled and placed in the final 50 places. Opportunity to discuss, but provide 50 profiles for newcomers to the NFL.

Joey Posa – Defensive Result – Chargers

Identity Card : 25 years old – 1.95 m – 127 kg

Draft: n ° 3 au 1e tour de la Draft 2016 – Ohio State

Profile: 2x First All-Pro Team (2019 and 2020), Defensive Rookie of the Year (2016) and 3x Pro-Bowl Selected (2017, 2019 and 2020).

Statistics 2020: 39 blocks, including 12 games played, 10 starts, 15 for loss, 7.5 excuses, 1 closed stumble and 1 defending pass.

Career Statistics: Played 63 games, started 59 times, with 68 for loss, 47.5 excuses, 240 blocks, including 6 forced stumbles, 3 closed stumbles and 2 defending passes.

Why is he here?

One season, Nick Posa established himself as one of the best pass-runners in the league. We can already tell that he will be relatively high in this rankings, even if he was injured last year. If there’s a lot of talk about the 49er here, it’s because its explosion has the side effect of slightly overshadowing its brother Joey’s performance. Still, the senior of the Bosa clan is threatening the quarterbacks, at AFC.

For example, two choices he made on the first All-Pro team (Sports News) in the last two years. Designed in 2016, Joey Posa has crossed 10 sacks three times in his first five seasons. The power of nature with the physical abilities he impresses. The former Ohio State can develop into different defensive systems and be as efficient as ever. Many assets make him one of the most energetic pass-rushers in the league. Still to be exploited … all the time.

In 2019, we put Joey Posa in 32 of our top 50 and blamed him for the instability. Two years later, it is clear that his abuse is still relevant. Lose some space and always make the most difficult decision to provide the real status of this player.

What is the purpose in 2021?

Play the whole season. Already. The main goal of Posa this season is to be healthy and not miss a game. Something he was only able to do / could do twice in his life. If he wins, he will be able to prove his full potential.

The arrival of Brandon Staley, considered a defensive genius as head of the Chargers, could also take the number 99 to the next level. Throughout his career, Los Angeles’ new head coach knew how to use players like Aaron Donald or Khalil Mack to complement him. The good news for Posa, who could target the record of his sacks in one season (12.5) and (again), turned out to be the best Posa in the league.

Heard in the editorial

“Fun because he’s become No. 2 in the family. Chargers fans look forward to a better season after the disappointing season.” – Raul Villaroy.

“This is great, but we’re always waiting for the little extra things that could change the dimension.” – Victor Rollier.

“Definitely not in the top 50. He lives in the exaggeration of the best start of his career, but never confirmed or advanced one step.” – Do not align.

General Classification

38. Mike Evans – W.R., Buchanan
39. Julio Jones – W.R., Falcons
40. Justin Simmons – S, Broncos
41. Zach Martin – OG, Cowboys
42. Alvin Camara – R.P., Saints
43. Chandler Jones – DE, Cardinals
44. Jamal Adams – S, Seahawks
45. Chase Young – DE, football team
46. ​​Laont David – L.B., Buchananers
47. Nick Soup – R.P., Browns
48. Corey Linsley – C, Chargers
49. Lamar Jackson – QB, Ravens
50. Fred Warner – LP, 49ers

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