Tesla has decided to take action, after facing some drivers being abused with autopilot. As seen Electrek, The automaker will use the interior camera of its vehicles to check if the driver is attentive even when using Hyper Assisted driving. This accessory has been on all Tesla models since Model 3, but has not been used much until now.

Last year, the manufacturer first activated the camera and asked drivers for permission to take video or photos to “create safety features and enhancements for the future.” Tesla explains the new application of this camera in its upcoming 2021.4.15.11 software update: “The cabin camera above your rearview mirror can now detect and alert the careless driver when the automated pilot is engaged”.

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“Data from the camera does not leave the car, meaning the computer cannot record or send information unless data sharing is enabled”, assures the US company that Tesla owners may (or do not) agree to share this data in automotive systems. Despite the new functionality of this camera and / or the use of an automated pilot, keeping your hands on the wheel is still essential: However, Tesla has not eliminated this obligation. But nothing says that it will not develop in the future.

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