Phyllis was betrayed by their defense

Phyllis was betrayed by their defense

Evidence that baseball is about details, Pillies. Still disappointed last night against the Marlins, Aaron Nola could not support the attack, but the defense folded again.

An interesting statistic. The Billys gave the defense club 29 points. MLP’s second worst team in this regard: Cubs, at the cost of a point. The majority of teams are positive.

Looking at this, one wonders if Pillies still doesn’t have a bad record. As a reminder, there are only two more losses than they won, but that statistic still means a lot.

Essentially, defending Philadelphia is a festival of missed opportunities.

It does not have much effect on scoring, the purses pile up: balls are passed, double plays that do not happen, balls that are too long in hand, inaccurate throwers… weigh in for a long time, especially when playing at one point winning 28 of the 50 matches played so far.

So of course, from time to time, we release big fascinating games. Like yesterday’s Otpal Herrera.

But perseverance brings redeemers and victories.

There are now two solutions for Billies: we are improving to turn this protection into a withdrawal machine, or we are starting to take the score to give it some explicit scoring. In any case, the reaction is urgent.

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