There is no offer for the Basque Adventure Park in the United States

There is no offer for the Basque Adventure Park in the United States

(Alexandre de Astus) The city of Trois-Pistols does not receive any concessions to the Basque Adventure Park in the United States, which sells for at least 140 140,000.

Interested parties had until 2pm on May 3 to submit the offer. “The council must now analyze the reasons for the lack of this offer,” said Jean-Pierre Riox, mayor of Trois-Pistol.

A long story

Jean-Pierre Rioux, with 2,000 people recording the success of Rio (X)’s first meeting in the United States in Trois-Pistols in August 1987, the Regional Tourism Association and the Trois-Pistols History and Heritage Association wanted to make a major development 300e June 16, 1697 marks the anniversary of Jean Rio’s visit. “For this celebration, a large gathering of Rio (X) in the United States was to be held in Trois-Pistols in 1997 to underline this historic event. It was 10 years before we had to create an original to celebrate this year’s anniversary. An order was issued to Michael Reux, then director of entertainment in the city, to set up a committee of which I was a member, to develop a unique attraction to Boss-Saint-Laurent, which would identify us, ”he says.

Mr Riox recalled that a team led by Denise Leklerk had decided to create models of houses common to the regions of France from which the ancestors of the pistolion stem families came.

Archaeological excavations at ale aux Basques

“Three models were selected, namely a Norman, Breton and Basque settlement. In the early 1990s, four years of archaeological excavations in All Aux Basque uncovered hitherto unknown historical elements. They decided to focus on the Basque theme, ”explains Jean-Pierre Riox.

Opening June 22, 1996

Construction of the Basque Adventure Park (PABA) in the United States officially opened on June 22, 1996, in the fall of 1995. The site was managed by a non-profit organization and became its owner. “The construction cost was $ 4 1.4 million, which was subsidized by the federal and provincial governments, but without any subsidy would cost nearly $ 400,000,” Mr Ryox says.

Persistent shortages

During the site’s 22-year operation, the city council had to pay off a $ 400,000 loan to Guys Heritage des Pascu to cover the operating deficit. In the fall of 2018, creditors began bankruptcy proceedings. The bankruptcy amount was 000 90,000.

“City councilors decided to resolve the bankruptcy because we wanted to prevent the establishment from being destroyed by a potential buyer, so we sold the land to other orientations. The owner and the city volunteered to revitalize the building by providing financial assistance to operate the building. , We approached the Kayak des Îles COOP and the fitness center; without success. “

So the city council decided on March 24, 2021 to try to renew the PABA again.

Photo: Basque Adventure Park in the United States Can’t find a picker. (Photo: Alexandre de Astus)

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