SpaceX on the brink of space monopoly? “Of all the satellites in operation, 35% belong to the man Elon Musk.”

SpaceX sur le point de monopoliser l'espace ? "Sur tous les satellites en opération, 35 % appartiennent à un homme, Elon Musk"

“We want a place that is accessible to human activities (…) but we deny a west-west location. It is really our responsibility to ensure that low orbit (less than 1,000 kilometers from Earth, editor’s note) is permanently in place.”, The UN General Assembly in Geneva on Wednesday. He told a conference on the location of the place among the set sustainable development goals.

Of the more than 9,000 satellites in orbit since 1957, “SpaceX already has 1,677 satellites stationed for Starling, which means that 35% of all satellites in operation today are owned by Elon Musk, and if you carry more than 50 kg of satellites, the C ‘is over 50%.”, Mr. Recalled Israel.

Many collisions have already been avoided in recent years, including at least two Starling satellites, he recalled. “We find ourselves in a catastrophic situation that could make this orbit impossible very quickly.”

Environmental effects

He warns against “The danger of real monopolization is the right of the first occupant“. “This is what our competitor is betting on, who are using Starling satellites at a very fast rate and in comparison to regulatory authorities, especially the FCC (The U.S. Federal Bureau of Communications, author’s note to obtain relevant rights)“, He estimated.

SpaceX has sought accreditation to launch 42,000 satellites from the FCC, which should specifically study their environmental trajectory.

Location “Essential” But to meet sustainable development goals “What is not there yet is awareness (…) about the dangers of running space”, French Ambassador to the UN in Geneva and organizer of the conference Fran பிரான்ois Rivasov.

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The world is not ready for a major epidemic, as studies have warned since 2005. “Then it happened”, He recalled.

“In space, the disasters that affect the space system are very serious, not very serious, which can affect the sustainable development of our planet’s nations, but we are measuring what they are. Should these problems be avoided? My answer is no, we do not yet know.”, He warned.

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