Clay Thompson Reveals His Big Basketball Plan!

Klay Thompson envoie un message d’espoir aux fans des Warriors

Having not sued since June 2019, Clay Thompson has had time to think about his later life. Lots of time. The Warriors sniper seems to be planning his reunion… it deserves to explode!

Unable to use his basketball skills due to a perfect Achilles tendon reconstruction, Clay Thompson had to find new characters in the Warriors this season. He tried his hand at the position of commentator for local television. Since he provoked, without much success A major controversy through his interventions.

After all, the back was mainly content to encourage his teammates off the bench during his team’s matches. But given the enormous free time he left in his hands, he was able to consider the latter course of his career as well. This should not happen in Hollywood His appearance in the new space jam, But well In another game according to him.

One day I will get out of Wetsuit and be one of the coldest waters in the North Pacific. In the meantime, I have a convenient logo #FuturTriathlète 👀 #JeSuisUnPoisson

Killa Clay, a full-time resident of the San Francisco Bay Area, enjoys the perfect playground to train in this field.

His love of the sea will not surprise his most loyal fans, who already know the five-time All-Star spends hours on the water. It’s the plan he chose for Valentine’s That he spent alone on his boat. A future in triathlon, where he will spend a third of his time on the water, so a good idea.

Meanwhile, its managers and coaches need to believe that this restructuring will happen as late as possible. At just 31 years old, Golden State still has a lot to offer its rights to the sniper, who hopes to find playoffs next year. Waiting for swimming, cycling and running.

Laurent Jalbert is in France; The United States could soon add Clay Thompson to its list of former best players who have become trio. Not the same jersey, the same passion.

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