[Top 50] # 39: Julio Jones, Locomotive | Touchdown Act (NFL Act)

[Top 50] # 39: Julio Jones, Locomotive |  Touchdown Act (NFL Act)

Julio Jones – Recipient – Atlanta Falcons

Identity Card : 32 years old – 1.91 cm – 100 kg

Draft: n ° 6 In the first round of the 2011 draft – Alabama

Profile: 2 First Team All-Pro (2015-2016), 3 Second Team All-Pro (2017-2019), 7 Pro Bowl (2012, 2014 – 2019)

Statistics 2020 (Regular season): 771 yards for 9 games, 3 touchdowns

Career Stats (Regular Season): 12,896 yards and 60 touchdowns in 135 games played in 10 seasons

Why is he here?

Tall (1m91), fast (40kg in 4.39 seconds) and super powerful, Julio Jones has been threatening NFL defenses since entering the league in 2011. Jones, who has the most fantastic receptions, cannot be at 1 against 1 and compels the defense to reduce its impact without success.

Machine yards is one of the 20 yards Jones has already won in NFL history. If Larry Fitzgerald retires, he will be the best player still in action.

Julio’s condition also develops from the visual appearance he leaves. As soon as Matt Ryan throws the ball, Jones turns into a locomotive that smashes any obstacle that separates him from the ball without ever flipping the track. A delight for supporters, a test for counter-defense.

What is the purpose in 2021?

Jones, who was only 773 yards in 9 minor games last season due to a femoral injury, has signed less than 1,000 yards in his first season since 2013. This chapter raises the question of his ability to continue his performance for many years, and his main goal for the 2021 season is to make durability a priority. A bright spot for Falcons fans: The decision not to play Jones was also linked to last year’s owner’s severe crisis, so the wide receiver should be in excellent shape this season.

Overall, there is little to say that the Falcons’ airstrikes could be reversed in 2021. Already last year with the Jones-Ridley duo making the most of the Falcons Kyle Pitts event, Matt Ryan has exceptional weapons to capture any defense, especially if Jones plays every game. At 4-11 last year, the Falcons were particularly disappointed, chained up regular defeats of ownership with significant improvements over the last quarter, including losses of less than 8 out of 5 points or two in 1 points in the process. Atlanta are not a bad team and if new coach Arthur Smith can take them to the next level in scoring they can target the Falcons playoffs, if not.

However, there is a star in these predictions as the possibility of a player transfer is not zero. In a tough wage situation, Atlanta will save $ 15 million this season, while generating tens of thousands of losses for the following seasons. Nothing seems certain.

The editorial asked the staff

“The right recipient. Although his physique is starting to decline, he is still a dominant player and a headache for any defense, ”said Victor Roulier.

“Julio Jones: A perfect receiver. Our rankings may be a little high, but how can we underestimate the potential for dominance in some competitions? Raphael Masmajian

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