Regarding what Giannis really wanted to do: “I don’t want to play basketball”

Sneaker Christmas Game Giannis

The gruesome, gigantic antidote to Milwaukee is one of the faces of the current NBA. Still, the player admits it never happened. The twice-dominant league player recently revealed what he wants to do as a career as a youngster.

If he is not going to achieve a third MVP title in a row, Giannis Antetoga ounpo Nevertheless, he had a great season, one more time. With 28.1 points, 11 rebounds and 5.9 assists per game, Greece have been at the forefront of the Bucks team, having formed under the radar this year (42-26, 3rd in the East), behind the Brooklyn Monsters and Philadelphia.

Still, Craig Freak could never have walked one floor of the Big League. Following his team’s Game 2 win against Miami (132-98), the interior revealed an interesting description of his youth. So, his first dream of a sporting career was to fiddle with another kind of round ball on the lawn:

Kiyanis talks about his football skills and interest in the game:

I can probably do 300, cheats. I played football at a young age. My father was a football player. I like football very much. I wanted to play football, I didn’t want to play growing basketball. I tried to be funny, you see?

Giannis with a football jersey? We know about the fans in Wisconsin, and they should have left hearing this. Fortunately, the boy grew quickly (in height), developing a body that was the dream of modern basketball. Imagine he plays for Manchester United or FC Barcelona… or not.

However, this is evidence that the life of n ° 34 was the result of a real odyssey. As a kid a shoe seller helps feed his family, Antotho oun Bo finally made the right choice by choosing the orange ball. Thanks to this, he now earns millions of dollars, which is enough to support his family for future generations. Karma is good sometimes.

An NBA career is played out in some detail, eventually. The story shared by Giannis shows it so well that we could never have seen his crazy performances on a basketball court. This is something unthinkable in the NBA today.

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