Next Generation of Windows Operating System: Modified Interface and Icons Microsoft Makes a Completely Different One

Next Generation of Windows Operating System: Modified Interface and Icons Microsoft Makes a Completely Different One

Microsoft has announced that it will soon be sharing more information about the “next generation Windows OS”. Here’s who will be most happy with the new changes!

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Etc. Google Is there Google I / O., A Apple WWDC, So and Microsoft Held every year Creation of Microsoft An event primarily aimed at software engineers and web developers.

President Microsoft-a, Satja Nadella Didn’t talk much about it Windows The operating system at that event, he had a good reason for that.

How am I? Nadella Claims Microsoft Sharing additional information about “New Generation Windows Operating System”. This is not about the new big changes Create 2021 In this week’s edition, the company is already preparing to announce in detail what the next PC station will be Operating systems.

“We will soon be sharing more information about one of the biggest Windows updates of a decade, which will open up more economic opportunity for developers and creators. I am incredibly excited about the next generation of Windows OS. This is the promise we have made to you: we will create more opportunities for all Windows developers today, and more applications. We welcome any creator looking for a very innovative, innovative, open source site to create, share and monetize. We look forward to sharing information very soon. “ – He pointed out Nadella.

It is not yet known what will happen. “Next Gen Windows“It simply came to our notice then MicrosoftWorks in new app store in recent months Windows, As well as significant changes to the user interface. Nadella He pointed out that changes in the store would helpUnlocking“A better economy for developers and creators,” he said On the edge.

Microsoft He usually has a habit of pointing it out. “Windows 10“Speaking of its latest operating system, we can recommend producing new ones Windows. The company confirmed that last week Windows 10X, Designed for dual screen devices such as Surface double, Canceled, and all the great stuff of that OS will be available in the main version as well Windows 10.

A major change to the user interface has been announced, as is the code name Sun Fence. Its first photos appeared, and you can notice that it is The icons have a new look, And updates to File Explorer will be saved. Nadella announced that very soon we will receive more information, which means that soon there will be a new event that she will present. “Next Gen Windows“.

Introducing Satja Nadella Built
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What do you think Microsoft will do with the Windows operating system?

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