World Cup: Australia, Russia face competition from Qatar for 2027

World Cup: Australia, Russia face competition from Qatar for 2027

May 24, 2021 at 7:55 pm – Updated May 24, 2021 at 11:31 pm.

Matthew Warnier

With Australia recently formalizing its candidacy, Russia is also interested in betting on hosting the 2027 Rugby World Cup could eventually be a three-way game to join Qatar.

The Rugby World Cup is on everyone’s mind. When France is hosting the tenth edition of the competition in the fall of 2023 Created in 1987, 2022 will provoke a battle for the right to organize the 2027 edition. Australia already hosted the event to some extent during the first edition, then fully in 2003 Recently confirmed his candidacy. The desire to welcome back the rugby world as the Australian authorities enter the desired cycle, The Women’s Basketball World Cup in 2022, the Women’s Football World Cup in 2023, but the strong desire to host the 2032 Olympics in Brisbane. Russia is also in line to host the 2027 Rugby World Cup, Moscow already hosted the 2013 World Rugby Sevens. But another candidate may soon emerge from the shadows.

Qatar has taken the first step

In fact, when South Africa dropped out very quickly after the 2023 candidacy failed Argentina did not go beyond an announcement to promote the Australian candidacy, World Rugby is said to have recently studied Qatar, According to press reports Olympic noon. According to the latter, the Middle East will be eager for the 2027 Rugby World Cup Get the best return on your investment in building stadiums for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. When Qatar is criticized for the working conditions of the staff responsible for building the Twelve Stadiums, it should include the option of providing a better image. First, The United States has contacted World Rugby to scrutinize the specifications governing the application process. Then Japan in 2019 And when Considered goal of world rugby leaders America As part of their game development strategy, Qatar could be another target in the coming years.

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