Film History of Emil Breton. Reconnecting

Film History of Emil Breton.  Reconnecting

The Henry operating system made it possible to find some rarities online, and we wrote it here. But a room, even with blanks imposed by Covidian measurements, is even better. The opening ceremony, in honor of Bertrand Tavernier, who died two months ago, was to be held at the same venues as the Ninth International Recovered Film Festival, All Memory of the World. Festival stopped, epidemic duties. The cinematographer asked the filmmaker to propose a series of American films, to call this cycle “Bertrand Tavernier’s American Cinema.” Because he is not only a filmmaker, but also an excellent cinematographer. Among all his works we remember Fifty years of American cinema (1970), with Jean-Pierre Corsotan, and most recently American Friends (2019).

On the evening show, Quick Millions (1931), with Roland Brown, Spencer Tracy and George Raft. Frederick Bonnat, director of Cinematech, who presented the ensemble, asked those who had already seen Brown’s film to raise their hands. Only one observer did. This is a sure sign that great innovations can be expected throughout the project. A pioneering film in a genre: a year later, in Scarface Howard Hawks, the prototype of the detective film, is supposed to be an accomplice of thugs inspired by George Raft Al Capone. Here he is second to the main character (Spencer Tracy), but rather an impulsive and awkward truck worker. It’s, dazzling social upsurge, gang leader. It also contains a critique of a lifestyle that allows the poor worker, while not neglecting the neural characteristics of the film genre, the summary of violent scenes, and feverish editing. Only the path to success.

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Also, in addition to the movie “Noir” (remember Quick Millions, Edward L. Image by Khan Afraid to speak (1932) on how politicians compromise with organized crime), several categories are mentioned. This cycle goes with the music, among other things Show boat (1936), written by James Vale (yes, director Frankenstein), With Irene Dunne and singer Paul Robson, to the melody Confiscation (1925), written by Clarence Brown, or an intimate film about the little ordinary life Wait until the sun shines, Nelly (1952), by Henry King. One of the clearest American cinematic films that Tavernier wanted to present to the French audience.

A vivid picture of American cinema.

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