US / Colombia – Bishops reiterate need for dialogue: “Factors of reconciliation must prevail over division or hatred”

US / Colombia - Bishops reiterate need for dialogue: "Factors of reconciliation must prevail over division or hatred"

US / Colombia – Bishops reiterate need for dialogue: “Factors of reconciliation must prevail over division or hatred”


Bogota (Agency Fights) – Colombian bishops are launching a new call to follow the path of dialogue in search of agreements to overcome this difficult moment the country is going through. “We reaffirm that dialogue is the most appropriate way to recognize what must always be affirmed and respected in society;
The message was signed by Monsignor Oscar Arbina Ortega, Archbishop of Villavicencio and President of the Episcopal Conference (CEC) of Colombia; Monsignor Ricardo Doban Restrepo, Archbishop of Medellin, Vice President of the CEC; And Monsignor Elkin Fernando Alvarez Pottero, Bishop of Santa Rosa de Ozos and Secretary-General of the CEC. The bishops praised the organization and progress made between the government and the National Strike Committee, and the results obtained through dialogue at the regional and local levels. Likewise, they emphasize the fact that despite the differences that may arise between the parties, it is necessary to act diligently in the dialogue and seek a peaceful consensus for early negotiations. “True dialogue is the pursuit of benefit by peaceful means, which requires patience and confidence; the pursuit of all possible negotiating formulas always seeks to overcome the factors of compromise over firm will, division or hatred.”
The bishops underline the remaining pain and poverty caused by these violent outbursts in the country and express their solidarity and their closeness to all those affected by the violent incidents. Finally, they encourage the entire Catholic community to pray and pray to God for the wisdom of those who have the power in their hands to reach a quick negotiation to end this crisis that the nation is currently experiencing.
For the second time in less than a month, Pope Francis has expressed his concern over Colombia and began a call for prayer for the Latin American people, following the prayers of Regina Collie, who celebrates Pentecost Day yesterday, saying: There are reasonable solutions to many of the problems that plague people, especially the poor.
The situation in Colombia is tense and complicated: the epidemic will not save people with an average of 500 deaths a day, while calling for the May 26 and 28 protests to continue.
(EC) (Agency Fights 05/24/2021)

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