Honor has the right to Google apps for its next smartphones

Honor has the right to Google apps for its next smartphones

For months, Hawaii has been a victim of US sanctions. The Chinese company, which is preparing to ban Android on its devices, has designed HarmonyOS, which Xiaomi may use. But the Chinese company is very difficult to manage, banning Google applications for smartphones like the Play Store. Barriers were applied to its former subsidiary Honor, which is now split to list its own course. Released from its parent company, is the company still under US sanctions? No, it responds to Honor’s German account. Google apps are already installed on their smartphones. Good news for the company and consumers!

Honor will provide Google applications
Honor Google Apps Deliver Well – Credit (s): Respect

If Honor’s tweet had been deleted, Kismosina would have been able to recover a screen shot. The brand’s official German account responded to a customer who questioned the availability of the next range of Google apps. Honor’s answer: ” Yes we can confirm it “Decoder, for its part, tried to join the Chinese company, but was unsuccessful. As Google services are an integral part of the Android experience, their presence for Honor smartphones is an additional argument. Respect Now it is ready to stand on its own two feet …

Credit: https://www.techradar.com/news/honors-next-android-phone-will-come-with-google-apps-heres-why-that-matters

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