Brian Banks: NFL

Brian Banks
Brian Banks
Brian Banks

The name Brian Banks may not apply to you much, but in 2002 he was a promising young player who was awarded a scholarship to study at USC under Pete Carroll. But that would never have happened; Why? Because the banks were accused of raping a high school student. At age 16, Banks was the best suspect in every category (his physique, he was black and came from a backward background) and the courts did not rely on material deficiencies and the lack of witnesses to his evil. Although he initially pleaded not guilty, the USC turned very logical, forcing his lawyer to confess to the crime to reduce his sentence … After confession, both parties agree and the lawyer imprisons 6-year-old banks. Imprisoned, he cries out for his innocence, but no one listens to him anymore.

After 62 months, he was allowed to get out of jail if he wore an electronic bracelet … but he had to be known as a rapist next door to his house, he was barred from his movements, could only work in the dark from time to time unload trucks. But in 2011, he received a request to add his friend to the list of those who had been raped … The former football confidant who faced this request was confused: how is that possible? Is this a bad taste joke? He is even more confused in reading the message that comes with the request: We will leave the past where he is (() I think we need to meet.

The banks do not want him to see the accused, but his brother persuades him to arrange the meeting and film it so that there is evidence that he is innocent; Contrary to all expectations, the accused soon pointed out that he had never been raped and that he had given his report to the police as a young man rather than as a villain. The next day, the victim confesses in front of a private investigator that he has never been assaulted or raped by banks, without even being publicly questioned.

Following legal proceedings on May 24, a Long Beach court recognized the abortion of justice and found Brian Banks completely innocent. After he was released the banks went to visit Sea World (he was banned because it was a place with kids), but the next day he wanted to start his dream again: NFL. After 10 years without football (but with weight training) it is inevitably impossible to work, or in any case very difficult. Banks all over America and DJ4 NFL teams love stories like: The former USC coach’s seagulls took him, but his command, the Redskins, the Chiefs and the Dolphins. There is no guarantee that he will be retained by his teams after his one-day test, but it is already necessary to show and speak the dream he was told.

If the NFL doesn’t work, he already has a lot of privileges to be employed by sports clubs because America definitely likes these stories.

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