Kavan Piccio was on the injured list

Kavan Piccio was on the injured list

Yesterday, Charlie Montoya said Cavan Piccio had neck pain and could be seen entering the injured list.

This will eventually happen as the player is on the injured list.

Jayas executed Joe Panick from the injured list. Pitcher Anthony Castro has also returned from his injury and was called up to die. In return, Anthony Kay and Jeremy Beasley take the path of the AAA.

We are talking about another player who has been sidelined with injuries this season with Jayce. They brigade, which is an issue.

For the first time in his life he should be on the injured list.

From the start of the season we wondered if something was affecting him because he was not automatic. He hit.205 and could not see consistency. In addition, his third basic positions are not surprising.

It will be interesting to see his progress when he returns. After all, if he starts playing better, we know what his difficulties are.

So it should continue in the next few days or weeks.

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  • At least Lourdes Curiel Jr. is doing better. He will play on the first site.
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