Candidate rejected in NFL: “Not good minorities”

Candidate rejected in NFL: "Not good minorities"

Eugene Chung, a former NFL attacking division player and later coach, never believed he heard what he was told during an interview with a team on the Goodell tour last season.

The 51-year-old, who wants to climb into the coach world teams, was speechless with a coach who was not revealed during the transfer.

I was told, “You are not really a minority,” Chung, who is of Korean descent, told the Boston Globe on Friday.

“Wait a minute. The last time I checked, when I saw you brushing your teeth in the mirror, I was in the minority.” So I asked, “What do you mean? I’m not in the minority?”

The person who interviewed him would have answered a question: “You are not the good minority we are looking for”.

Sungal could not believe his ears. The New England Patriots, who have played five seasons in the NFL alongside the Jacksonville Jaguars and Indianapolis Golds, did not understand that in addition to being part of the training teams of the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas mayors, there was no such thing as racism in 2021.

“I was stunned and emotionally paralyzed for a second,” Chung added. In my opinion, in 2021, it is absolutely dazzling that a story like this is still going on. ”


Chung wants to be the first Asian-American head coach in NFL history.

In recent years, the NFL has even implemented a favorable rule for hiring someone from a minority. Therefore, each team should conduct an interview with at least two people from the minority for the position of head coach and one person from the minority for the position of coordinator. In addition, teams that succeed in nurturing minority staff will be offered draft exams if that member gets a job with new training.

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