The first rover China sent to Mars has already begun its exploration

The first rover China sent to Mars has already begun its exploration

First ‘Astromobile’ Taken to Mars by China Today began to explore the surface of the Red Planet A week after the trial he traveled to, Asian country officials reported today.

According to the National Space Administration (ANEC) of China, At 10:40 a.m. today, the vehicle began to roll over the surface of Mars. Beijing Time (02:40 GMT).

Local newspapers highlight that milestone means China has landed on Mars and become the second country in the solar system to operate a rover on the fourth planet., After the United States, there were already five.

Vehicle, so called “Jurang” In memory of the fire god from ancient Chinese mythology, it has six wheels and weighs about 240 kg and is powered by solar energy.

Its mission is expected to last at least 90 Mars days (approximately three Earth months)., During which it will review high-resolution three-dimensional images through a study of the planet’s orbit, which will analyze the surface composition and look for traces of frozen water.

The rover has a top speed of 200 meters per hour and can overcome obstacles up to 30 centimetersS, as well as climbing steep slopes of 20 degrees.

Jurong is part of the Chinese mission Tianwen-1It was launched into space in July 2020 and reached the surface of the planet on May 15, in the southern part of what is now called Utopia Planetia, a plain located in the northern hemisphere of Mars.

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