Shake up J-Low’s ex-code and introduce it to men’s makeup

Shake up J-Low's ex-code and introduce it to men's makeup

Alex Rodriguez has partnered with the Hymns brand for his first cosmetic project. The professional baseball player has actually announced the sale of a male defect corrector and claims he wears it.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez may be separated, but they have one thing in common: they sell cosmetics. Jay-Low’s ex announced his new plan on May 21st through his Instagram account. One of the photos posted by the baseball player shows him using a small concealer (very carefully) on his cheek. “Working with the team at Hims and Hers, I wanted to create a product that would solve a problem I face every day. By jumping from meeting to meeting, I felt I needed something quick and easy in my routine to hide any blemishes or pimples associated with shaving,” he explained.

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For this make-up project, the nickname A-Road has partnered with Hims, an American company that provides medical tele-consultation and sells pharmaceutical and parapharmacy products online. The result is called a blurred stick. “It’s a practical concealer designed specifically for men that can be used for skin imperfections,” the athlete explains.

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Masculinity was put to the test

Men’s makeup is far from the usual practice, even when it comes to a few touches. The reactions of internet users make sense of it. Some see this as an attack on masculinity, an attack on the A-Road but overall masculinity. “So now men are going to carry a make-up bag like their girlfriend!” Alex Come on, be a man !!! ”; “Makeup for men?” What’s next? Read the commentary on Alex Rodriguez’s post: “Men don’t need to be corrected or edited in any way … this is hilarious. Others, on the contrary, appreciate his plan, women are not left out. But there is nothing better than A-Road to convince the most reluctant:” Look, you I wonder how you will be surprised (Blurred stick editor note) Will be useful to you. “

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