Photo Cyril Lignach has released a snapshot of his new restaurant in London!

Photo Cyril Lignach has released a snapshot of his new restaurant in London!

A few days ago Cyril Lignac happily announced the launch of a new address in London. Today, the plan is firm. This Saturday, May 22, 2021, he released a snapshot of his new baby.

10 days ago Cyril Lignach preached the gospel : Its food is exported internationally ! Information that will delight not only fans of his cuisine but also his fellow chefs. This Saturday, May 22, 2021, He posted a photo on his account Instagram Bar des Bros. of its new restaurant, This time he decided to open the other side of the channel. A first One of the most famous chefs in France, Which has always opened its companies in France.

“Welcome to Bar des Press London! It’s so exciting to start a new life in London!“, He wrote on Instagram. Page tastes? Fans of Asian food will be delighted. Lettuce Salads Yusuf with food, caramelized scallops with miso, butter, sesame, coconut milk with Japanese pearls, kiwi fashion fruit and many more flavors. We already have water in our mouths. Its 2.8 million subscribers would say the opposite. “Whaouh it’s so beautiful Cyril”, “Another good reason to go back“,” That’s wonderful! Who is the designer? “, Among other things, read in the comments?

Helene Doros supports him

“My congratulations from all of us to our friend and neighbor Cyril Lignock [son équipe], For the opening ceremony of Bar des Press in London today. You are my canteen in Saint-Germain des Bras, you will definitely become my canteen in Mayfair. I wish you all the success you deserve! “, Written in the language of Shakespeare, The chef of the restaurant Connaught In London, Helene Doros. Cyril Lignock is very grateful for any support. A chef who loves good food and loves crunchy answers: “Thank you so much my dear Helen! This is your home in London! I can not wait to see you”. Ready to grab your Eurostar tickets to meet the gastronomy seen by Ligno? We do!

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