NFL Draft 2022 – General Team in Defense: A Superstar Boss Rusher | Touchdown Act (NFL Act)

NFL Draft 2022 - General Team in Defense: A Superstar Boss Rusher |  Touchdown Act (NFL Act)

The 2022 draft is a year away! Of course, within that some players will express themselves, others will confirm or be disappointed. But here’s a first look at the plays for the 2022 edition of the NFL Draft.

Defensive end / edge

Holders: Keyvon Thebotox (Oregon) and Dimarwin Leal (Texas A&M)

Fluid in his movements, fast and aggressive, Kevon Thebodex looks like the future star of the NFL, worthy of picking the top 5 spots in the Defender category draft. Author of 12 excuses in 20 university games, he is the highest pass-rusher to disappear by 2021. DeMarvin Leal gives him a completely different profile. With a status between defensive-end and defensive-prevention, his athletic ability makes him a talented player who can put pressure and defend in the race. 2022 will provide vintage NFL owners with a lot of capabilities to strengthen the most important attack of the opposing pocket.

As for the other levels of these two articles (attack and defense), The players named in the notes are not named in a hierarchical way.

Mentions: Drake Jackson (USC), Aidan Hutchinson (Michigan), Nick Bonito (Oklahoma), Christopher Allen (Alabama), Will McDonald (Iowa), Ocean Mathis (DCU), George Carlaptis (Burdo) , Zach Harrison (Ohio State), Maijoy Sanders (Cincinnati), Kingsley Encore (South Carolina), Nolan Smith (Georgia), Adam Anderson (Georgia), Brendan Cox (Florida), Doman Fox (North Carolina), Jermaine State).

Defensive prevention

Holders: Haskell Garrett (Ohio State) and Jordan Davis (Georgia)

As of 2021, the Quay Plateau in the indoor station is not very spicy. However, it will provide a homogeneous class led by Jordan Davis (1 m 98 per 150 kg). This is, of course, a factor against this template, especially against racing (with a high fluid walker). Haskell Garrett will use the bonus year awarded due to the epidemic to further improve his game with the state of Ohio. Boss Rush Specialist, Suners player Isaiah Thomas (7.5 excuses in 2020) is set to make a splash with the revival after selecting junior Perian Winfrey and Jalan Redmond in 2021. Tyler Davis is a technically successful player, he is now in the shadow of the sensational Brian Breeze, but the latter will not make the choice until 2023.

Mentions: Tyler Davis (Clemson), Keanu Benton (Wisconsin), DJ Dale (Alabama), Jonathan Ford (Miami), Zach Pickens (South Carolina), Jermaine Loll (Arizona), Brandon Torres (Oregon), Perian Winfrey Oklahoma), Jalan Redmond (Oklahoma), Pitarian Mathis (Alabama), Travan Walker (Georgia), Thomas Booker (Stanford), Christopher Hinton (Michigan).


Holders: Owen Pappo (Auburn) and Nagob Dean (Georgia)

Heavy, heavy: quantity quality! If both of our starters are small in size, they both have excellent game intelligence and high speed. As always, Alabama presents the most intimidating pair in the middle of the back screen with Christian Harris and Henry Doo Doo. As hybrid profiles become more and more fashionable, the Demarvian Overshow is definitely a player to watch.

Mentions: Henry Doo Doo (Alabama), Baton Wilson (NC State), Christian Harris (Alabama), Demarvian Overseas (Texas), Omar Spites (Oregon State), Mike Jones (LSU), Amari Keiner (Florida State) ), Gius Jackson (Georgia Tech), Mike Rose (Iowa State), Marilyn Robertson (Arizona State), Guoni Deng (California), Devin Lloyd (Utah), Brandon Smith (Penn State), Ventrell Miller (Florida), Jame (Clemson), Nate Landman (Colorado).


Holders: Ahmed Gardner (Cincinnati) and Derek Stingley (LSU)

If Linebackers Are Vintage Attractive, What About Cornerbacks? Ahmed “Sauce” Gardner is tall (1m 88), with fluidity of movement and good instincts (6 interruptions in two seasons). He is the role model for the No. 1 cornerback in the NFL. After a thrilling new season (6 interruptions), Derek Stingley had a little more trouble in 2020. His physique and his athletic science make him a worthy successor to Patrick Peterson or Trey Davies White at DBU (Defensive Post University). . A quay that brings depth in terms of talent, especially with Indiana player Tiawan Mullen (brother of Trivon / Riders).

Mentions: Diane Mullen (Indiana), Travius ​​Hodges-Tomlinson (DCU), Khair Elam (Florida), Josh Job (Alabama), Sevin Banks (Ohio State), Trent McDuffie (Washington), Martin Emerson (Mississippi), Mississippi Kegula Kaniho (Boise State), Nova Daniels (DCU), Michael Wright (Oregon), Quentin Lake (UCLA), Chris Steele (USC), Isaac Taylor-Stuart ( USC), Marcus Jones (Houston), Roger McCurry (Auburn).


Holders: Kyle Hamilton (Notre Dame) and Quindel Johnson (Memphis)

A player with the right size for the position (1m93 per 100kg), Kyle Hamilton has been a key player for Notre Dame for two seasons, and that alone means a lot. With more than 100 blocks and 12 defensive assists (including 5 interceptions) in two seasons, he hopes to hear his name called up in the 1st round. On his side, security expert with a very thin template: Quindel Johnson. The quality is at a somewhat depreciated level during drafting. Many of the players on this list will be delighted by NFL owners on Day 2 (Rounds 2 and 3).

Mentions: Tyke Smith (Georgia), Jalan Catalon (Arkansas), Papa Bolton (Miami), Colby Harwell-Peel (Oklahoma State), Dan Belton (Iowa), Nick Cross (Maryland), Daxton Hill (Michigan), Marcus Haucker ), Greg Easworth (Iowa State), La’Centrich Van Sand (DCU), Jordan Bor (Alabama), Smoke Monday (Auburn), Demany Richardson (Texas A&M), Leon O’Neill (Texas A&M) M), Reed Blankenship (Middle Tennessee).

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