MLP: J.D. Martinez completed the Blue Jays in the 9th round

MLP: J.D.  Martinez completed the Blue Jays in the 9th round

J.D. Martinez pushed the Red Sox three points in the 9th inning to give Blue Jaze an 8-7 lead over the Yankees in the U.S. East.

After seeing Alex Verduco hit a ground ball for a run, Martinez hit a two-run long ball that gave Boston the lead without looking back.

This is Martinez’s 250th career round. Bobby Dolbeck also scored a home run for the Red Sox in the second inning.

For Blue Jays, Bo Pichet finished the game with three wins and one RBI, while Vladimir Guerrero Jr. had two wins and one RBI.

Although he did not have an easy exit, Steven Mats was able to highlight Toronto. In addition to four strikeouts, he conceded five runs and ten wins in six innings of work.

In relief, Raphael Dolis cashed in on the setback and sabotage.

Nick Pivetta battled for seven wins and four earned runs for the Jaycee hitters in five innings of work.

After winning Game 1 against the Sox, the Blue Zeus finished all three games on a bad note, with two defeats.

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