London Call: We hope to vaccinate the capital

5 poings joints ensembles en signe de solidarité

Public health officials have appealed to the people of London to encourage loved ones to be vaccinated. The goal is clear: a little support in these uncertain times.

This search for reinforcements is also due Rapid spread of Indian variation, Over a period of time The result is an intensification of mass vaccination.

So Jason Strelitz, the public health administrator in the London metropolitan area of ​​Newham, said that while the vast majority of people now deserve to be injected, some need this little encouragement to encourage themselves and benefit from a little support – practical or emotional, to be confirmed by family, friend or trusted professional.

A citizen is offered a kind of vaccine “sponsorship” equivalent to that of a relative, which seems to be part of the UK approach to promoting personal responsibility for overcoming this crisis. We can acknowledge the admirable nature of Strelitz’s initiative, because it is easier for the last distant patient to be vaccinated by the advice of a good friend than by our distant policies.

Do you encourage your loved ones to get precious serum, or do you think it is not your responsibility?

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