Transformers: Justin Herbert, Control Tower | Touchdown Act (NFL Act)

Transformers: Justin Herbert, Control Tower |  Touchdown Act (NFL Act)

There is no danger to integrated workshops for fear that many quarterbacks will drop their shores. The logical choice is that physical qualities are not so essential in assessing the ability of these players to lead an entire team full of the highest level athletes.

Recently, a pitcher gave himself to the Combine game to prove that he is an even more serious athlete. This is Justin Herbert, the best player of the year.

Measurements please

At 1.98m tall and weighing 107kg, Herbert is blessed with a physique that is admired by NFL managers and coaches. Tall and strong, thanks to these two features, he has the ability to watch the game above the lines (full of very tall players) and the ability to withstand shocks in the event of dismissal. If he wasn’t considered an extraordinary jig for the NFL, Herbert would be nothing more than a consistent man to ordinary people. At almost 2 meters over 105 kg, it is a “cute baby”.

Add his 84cm long arms and 25.4cm large arms suitable for catching the Oval Ball, and build those scouts frantically until you have the size mix and the football IQ is high.

Interesting speed

On the NFL link, Herbert ran 40 yards in 4.68 seconds. Coral is above the mark, and it is far from the recipients or cornerbacks, which for a player of this position ensures a good pace, which is much higher. Its top speed was measured at 28.13 km / h.

Launched at full speed, it still generates 3571 joules of power in the event of an impact. The shock was comparable to a collision with a cyclist weighing 72 kg (cycling and cycling included) traveling at 36 km / h. It is enough to leave a few wounds.

Its acceleration was so interesting that it accelerated from 10 yards to 1 second 62 seconds, which meant that it could explode and quickly expel itself from the conditions in which it was closed and from the crisis of solutions. In this sense, he accelerates quickly, can escape the defensive line to eliminate him, and can run faster than most of these players with strong players.


Herbert has low physical strength, which makes him a remarkable athlete. His results in the jumping workshops were 90 cm dry relaxation (without speed). Some analysts were able to blame Russell Wilson for being small and not watching the game enough … However, according to Herbert, he could (theoretically certainly) raise his “head to 2 meters” if needed to play 88.

His horizontal jump 3m 12 definitely confirms the strength of his lower limbs.

While an action like BMI declares him to have significant weight, Herbert, who does not play his sporting ability as the main argument, belongs to the category of persons with a stimulus, which reaches the meter with a small speed, index and oh. Respect mark (the best level basketball and volleyball players are far from it).

Not forgetting its strength

The last point, necessary for a quarterback, is the strength of his hand. Herbert did not go to the extent of endangering the 102kg bench press workshop. However, in the exercises he threw, he showed interest in long and deep throws. Many spectators have pointed out the quality of the curve of his ball in deep throws, which reveals the great strength of the chain and shoulder of the stretchers.

So, although we do not have statistics, in addition to his integrated training, Justin Herbert has shown in the past that he was one of those young quarterbacks with “big weapons” and the range of his actions on the field is almost limitless. Can move fast, high and well. With him the coaches are satisfied, the deep games are regular, the ball can be thrown long distances and can be in the air for a long time to be played by the receivers.

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