NBA – LeBron James qualifies for Los Angeles Lakers by crucifying Golden State Warriors at the end of suspense!

NBA - LeBron James qualifies for Los Angeles Lakers by crucifying Golden State Warriors at the end of suspense!

Los Angeles Lakers டன் Golden State Warriors: 103-100

But who said the play was useless? This sounded like the dream poster for the league where the Lockers-Warriors decided to sell its new design. The clash between the gang of dominant champions LeBron James and Stephen Curry keeps all its promises. Spectacular performances, drama, commitment, tension, suspense until the end and the final victory over King’s last basket (103-100) for Angelenos! What a basket! With both teams tied with 58 seconds left James sent a prayer without possession of 9 yards… Bingo!


LeBron Vs Curry: The return of the biggest competition of the last 10 years

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A successful win shot that ended the Lakers ’incredible comeback. At the break they were 13 points (42-55) behind, with Anthony Davis limited by 5 points. Awareness of the All-Star interior completely changed the face of Encounter. He scored 20 runs to finish with 25 units and 12 rebounds from the locker room, while James compiled a straight three-double (22-11-10), sometimes forcing him to rest on the bench. The ankle hurts.

Handled, Frank Vocal’s players returned to the game, sending Alex Caruso and sometimes three guards on the charcoal. However, the dual MVP created a festival. 37 points. But he could not come to terms with his team’s last two possessions. Even after the Lockers came back, the Warriors held the game in hand. They are three lengths (95-98) following three points from young Jordan Poole. They appeared confident and on the right track. The pace changed in the last two minutes of the game. The whistle blew again and again, especially in favor of the Los Angeles players. Beyond the score and the winner, the shock ended in the best possible way with this amazing basket of James. Generally expected show.

The Lakers are seventh in the West and they will face the Suns in the next round. Hopefully the Warriors will advance to the playoffs when they face Chris Lice on Friday.

San Antonio Spurs @ Memphis Chrysalis: 96-100

Already qualified for the play last season, and defeated, the young Chris Lies shared their experience with Spurs in this decisive fight. We had to catch up late in the game and they were able to counter Texas’ last attacks to win 100 to 96. Dillon Brooks scored 24 points, including 8 in the last 12 minutes. Jonas Valencianas was particularly impressive with 23 points and 23 rebounds, while Ja Morand added 20 points and 6 assists. Memphis could have easily won if San Antonio had not gone 17-0 to return to the game after taking water in the first quarter (38-19). Spurs are eliminated when Greg Popovich’s last match on the bench… The coach has not yet decided on his future, he will be the first team USA coach at the Olympics in Tokyo. Before a reconstruction that promises to be unavoidable in San Antonio.


50 points: Burning Totem sends Celtics to playoffs!

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Triple doubles, records and boxing: the crazy figures of a season are nothing else

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