Jack Flaherty (8-0), single master

Jack Flaherty (8-0), single master

On Wednesday night, the Saint-Louis Cardinals thrashed the Pittsburgh Pirates (8-5) without much hesitation and had the opportunity to secure first place in the national and federal division levels 3.5 games ahead of the Chicago Cubs.

The aggressive Missouri franchise won its 25th victory and is indebted to it for its offense, but its opening pitcher is also indebted to Jack Flaherty. Without shining, Flaherty was able to pull off the game he took to add an eighth win to his record. An empty loss record.

Sensible, but solid

Who among you is the renewal Statistics What kind of MLB is this season? Who among you knows that Jack Flaherty is still a loser and can get his eighth win against a team of pirates who acted as the right victims?

Flaherty also currently makes the cover legend of the last century: Bob Gibson.

Acknowledge it when thinking about “the pitcher” and “ Statistics“, A lot of us think Jacob de Chrome, Gerrit Cole, Shane Bieber or Trevor Boyer? Now you can add Jack Flaherty to you Tracking list, Because the pitcher wants to extend his invincible series as much as possible.

Flaherty, who is in his fifth season at the Majors, is off to a flying start, with only eight of his team’s 25 wins to spare, and we can only salute the work we have done.

His 2.53 era in 53.1 innings was decent, with his 55 strikeouts and 0.99 WHIP. Opposing hitters scored only against him.190, which is more than a.

From the first ten, then to the 20th?

If we owe a little to the “wins” that the pitchers talk about these days, they still have to be obtained, they have not come by themselves. With each shot, just like the mountain boy playing with the elbow and shoulder ligaments, the attacking comrades have to do the job and put the ball where it should be. At the same time at the risk of paying, avoid putting it that it should not be Money On the notice board.

Karts Pitcher’s next departure is set to take place next week against the Chicago White Sox, a slightly stronger candidate than the Pittsburgh Pirates. But whatever it is, Flaherty is boiling hot and he could get another hit. He could be the first pitcher to reach the plateau he has won in ten games this season.

We’ll talk again in a few weeks to see if Jack Flaherty is still in the right car, and I’ll say there will be a similar talk this time around on the plateau of 20 wins.

There is still a long way to go, and the efforts to get there will be enormous.

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