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Google’s Developer Conference is full of announcements for its comeback. In addition to offering Android 12 and newer root system, many services of US companies are benefiting from the new features. We have summarized all the news you can expect for Google Maps, Photos, Search, Lamta or MIM.

Time is good for returns and Google has confirmed this trend. The American giant developer conference has returned to exclusively online form a year after it was canceled due to the Covid 19 epidemic. This 2021 edition allowed the California giant to release the expected innovations for the Android 12 or root OS redesign and its services. For about two hours, Sunder Pichai and his team discussed the innovations they have undertaken to improve their business. During this live event its CEO started by triggering a health crisis, which is a rare event that has been highlighted since the onset of the epidemic. After discussing Google’s stats and initiatives, he revealed his ambition. “Creating the Most Useful Google for Everyone”.

Google Workspace

© Google

The project specifically includes mapping service maps, which has 150,000 kilometers of orbit, and now wants to show optimal routes. Google will rely on AI in particular to provide greener and safer journeys. Keep in mind that new cards also make movement easier.

Google is focusing on the work world and especially teleworking has exploded in recent months. Its classroom operating system now has 150 million users worldwide, and it is increasingly in demand for Chromebooks. To continue painting “The future of work”, The American company will upgrade the workplace with Smart Canvas. This new tool aims to facilitate collaboration and user productivity with Google’s office tools. In the same vein, the Meet video conferencing tool benefits from integration into Docs, Sheets and Slides, as well as new features such as the ability to do live translation.

Google Maps Carte

Maps show relevant places based on daylight hours and whether or not you travel © Google

Lamda: The language model that wants to revolutionize chatpots

Google’s most interesting ad is about Lambda, a California group “Revolutionary Conversation Technology”. Voice has been of interest to Google for many years, and its conference has used its advances and its language model known as lambda (a language model for conversational applications) that promises to make conversations with a machine more natural. Google simulated two demonstrations with a paper airplane and a conversation with the planet Pluto. These examples helped to present the level of capabilities of the language site and are already designed as a tool of the future for chatpots. Lambda can take the place of a company or an individual to interact with Internet users.

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Google will automate the password change process

In terms of security, Google has announced improvements to its password manager. The California company will alert you when the password is compromised, and its Chrome browser can do the same for you. This approach aims to reduce the risk associated with using the same password for multiple accounts and is part of Google’s vision to strengthen the security of user accounts. At the Chrome level, a new Quick Delete function appears to clear the last 15 minutes of a user’s search history.

Google Security

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Google has cited its latest advances in artificial intelligence to understand information about its search engine. Called the MUM (Multi Task Unified Models) it helps Google understand the most complex questions of its users. Its purpose is to provide more accurate answers, thus avoiding the need for the user to do too much research to get adequate answers to his questions.

Google MUM

© Google

Google Photo: Locked folder to control your memories

Finally, Google Photos will improve its “Memories” management and photo classification. The tool can compile photos according to a specific visible element (like a bag) or color. Photos will also use the snapshots you take to create an animated image, which echoes the “Cinema” feature introduced by the company in December and allows you to create 3D versions of your photos. In the Security field, you can now better control your gallery and create a locked folder. This will store photos in a password protected location so they do not appear in Google Photo or any other application. This functionality will first be provided in pixels before being extended to other devices running Android.

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