Zion Williamson’s season, unheard of!

Zion Williamson's season, unheard of!

Zion Williamson, the author of a great sophomore season with the Pelicans, will unfortunately not taste the playoffs. He can always comfort himself by saying that he has achieved something he has never seen before in history.

As for the Pelicans, there will be no playoffs again this year. With a record of 31-41, it’s hard to believe anything in a very difficult Western conference. There is no room for error, New Orleans has made many mistakes in this exercise This horrible statistic compiles it perfectly.

We imagine the disappointment is huge Zion WilliamsonHowever, he had a good season, averaging 27 points and 7.2 rebounds. He has already established himself as the strongest of the Pelicans and may soon be one of the best in the league.

While waiting to find out, he needs to show his ability to take his team to the playoffs above all else. If so, the former Duke will take a new leap. But to spend his summer, it can always be said that he has achieved something he has never seen before in the history of the league, which is a testament to his dominance in fraud.

Zion Williamson finished the 2020-21 campaign with 27 points and 61.1% on the ground, making her the only player in NBA history to score 27 points to 60% in a full season of shooting.

Getting 27 points on average can reach a lot of players, but more than 60% shooting? Maintaining such performance, while his scenes are often fraudulent, is respectable. Just look at the players behind him to understand better:

Only three other players in NBA history have scored at least 24 points at 60% in a single season:

Kevin McHale: 60.4% to 26.1

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: 24.8 pour 60.4%

Wild Chamberlain: 68.3% to 24.1

Even without the playoffs, Zion Williamson had a great season with the Pelicans. There is no reward in the end, but we imagine he will be eager to fix it next year. This is guaranteed in Louisiana.

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