How ready are you for IT jobs?

How ready are you for IT jobs?
How ready are you for IT jobs?

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IT companies are preparing for jobs. Companies have so far relied on their ability to select campus appointments. But now working with them ‘real-time work’ plays a key role in ‘exposure’ options. The only way to do that is to help students develop an internship experience. Until now the chances of companies coming to colleges and conducting exams are slim. Everything is open competition. Any eligible college student can participate in the exam process and achieve success!

Students looking for job opportunities should not only use real-time applications, but also be aware of their functionality.

There are three types of applications.

1. IT Applications: All students use multiple applications. Zwicky to order food online; Uber for the book cart; Mobile apps like Book My Show are used for movie tickets. Make it a habit to realize that these are all IT applications and that they are used to reduce human labor. In addition, they should be interested in learning how they are made and how they work.

2. Integrated applications: Applications that embed code in hardware. To give a small example – mechanical handles are used before switching channels and sound on the TV. But now we use the remote. You can use the ups and downs by displaying the code / program channels / sound embedded in that remote. So now the code is integrated into many hardware applications for electronics, electrical and mechanical, making their work easier. There is also the potential for efficient data management.

3. Hardware applications: These are only hardware applications for major engineering disciplines such as electronics, electrical and mechanical.

What is real-time work exposure?

Let’s see what kind of understanding the student has about real-time use. Until now I had to go to the hotel and eat. Otherwise we can go ourselves and go home. But the young man’s idea of ​​how to order food online through an IT app and develop it at home has evolved into a quick app. With the help of this app, all hotel owners can register and show their food details to the orderers and the orderers can choose the food they want and pay the amount due. Zwicky Delivery will pick up food from the Boys Hotel and deliver it to the home of the person who ordered it. Zwicky service charges for this.

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Think now. How many times more revenue is generated from technology alone by millions of hotels than from the income earned by running a hotel! Hundreds of billions of companies using similar technology are moving the youth world forward with their ideas. Stands as a guide for others.

To come up with ideas like these, you need to increase your awareness from the first year of engineering on real-time applications that humanity can use in real life. By searching the internet, anyone who knows how to work in companies can raise awareness about such applications through them. Through this one can memorize ideas and develop skills, with a perspective on how they are used in daily life rather than passing exams. In this line you can easily plan to prepare for the internship.

For IT product companies ..

Production companies need more volume. First you need to master advanced data structures and algorithms. Need to practice complex coding issues, especially using trees, maps, tracking and dynamic programming. Choose online coding sites such as Hawker Rank, Hawker Earth, Code Chef, Lead Code for coding training. Participate in hackathons conducted by companies when some skill is available.

Problem solving power

The basic capability required for any application will solve the problem. The ability to solve each problem logically is important. It enhances numerical efficiency, optimization / logical / analytical rational issues. Unlike formulas, you have to practice drawing the problem inward and figuring it out in your mind and coming up with a solution. For example, if a kilo of sugar had been brought to the shop for fifty rupees the previous week, it would have been four hundred to two hundred. How much more sugar would you get if you had a twenty percent discount per kilo this week? This is a problem in the profit and loss chapter. To increase problem-solving power, it can be calculated with the mind. Somehow- twenty percent discount for fifty rupees, i.e. ten rupees less. That’s forty kilos! Forty rupees less than four kilos. That means one more kilo will come. Solving problems like this will improve problem solving power. This ability is useful for applying logic in code. But to do coding, one must first know syntax (programming language). C in the first year of programming should start with data structures.

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Coding ability

It is good for students to start coding in the second year. For this you need to learn one of the languages ​​Java or Python. The CSC branch holds the code for them. So it would be nice to learn Java. That’s because most of the questions asked in the interview are in Java. Suitable for other branches if you are learning Python. Coding in Python is easier than in Java. Apart from these two you can learn any language you are interested in.

You can choose one of 10 to 15 languages ​​for the code question given in the online test and the code in that language. If you are learning a language with DS, you are ready to tag problem reports! The first step is to start the code with simple problem statements. Then you have to train the normal ones. To achieve this you are ready for the selection process of service divisions of companies like TCS and Infosys. Companies like Infosys, TCS and Wipro offer training and certification to students on their websites without trusting others.

The experience of the project is important

If you have developed skills and real-time exposure throughout the second year, you should start the internship hunt from the beginning of the third year. Create a center profile and search for internship posts on a daily basis. At the organizational level, the experience that comes with a program is more important than the scholarship. Choose with this in mind. Adobe offers internships for two- and three-year engineering students with a stipend of Rs 1 lakh per month. Internships are offered by large companies such as Google / Goldman Sachs, medium-sized companies such as OpenText / Jemoso, and many smaller companies.

Getting a job is much easier if you do an internship. The opportunities are even greater if you do an internship in digital technologies like artificial intelligence, cloud, black chain. One important thing is to have at least six months of work experience in product development applications to get a job with a salary of over Rs 30 lakh in a product company like Microsoft / Amazon.

Opportunity for all

At the end of the third year the companies make appointments on campus. Students should look at the selection methods of the respective companies on different websites and prepare based on them. This road map should be followed with discipline and full confidence that it can be achieved.

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Soft skills

Technical skills alone are not enough. Technical communication and the right approach should reveal them in interviews or consult with co-workers after joining the job. Content is important in technical communications. That is the essence. Speaking clearly and freely is good, but not the same important. Many students are lagging behind when it comes to language. In fact the language is slowly coming to the same level. To build this, you need to practice verbal / English related antonyms, synonyms and reading comprehension. You need to talk to friends or people who can speak English often to improve the conversation.

Without being empty ..

It is best to get a job at a company that manages the exam first. Big company can try. Do not be disappointed if it does not come. Hundreds of companies still have opportunities to create. It’s hard to go abroad in these cowardly situations, so it’s good to get a job and work here for a while. Second- and third-year engineering students must be ready by the fourth year with real-time work exposure, skills, and internship experience. Awareness of real-time exposure, problem-solving skills, technical communication, and programming skills can make a second-semester internship at the end of the first semester of the third year. For those studying in the fourth year, there are now many institutional opportunities for Bee Tech graduates. Companies need to develop the skills they expect and participate in their respective options. Experience is gained by working for free without being vacant in any project. That should make the job easier!

How to proceed?
Anyone in any engineering field should understand what kind of applications they are interested in. For this, you should try to know the functionality of the applications and not use them. Gather information by contacting people who work on some of the applications you are interested in. You need to take advice on how they are. So by the time you reach the second year of engineering you should have chosen a subject that interests you. The employee working on those applications should be appointed as a mentor. – Venkat Kanchanapalli CEO, Suntek Corp.
(Campus Recruitment Training Institute)

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