0 Why is “Zero” not a natural number?

0 Why is "Zero" not a natural number?

One of the key elements we encounter in all mathematical and physical operations is 0 “zero”. It is not wrong to say that today’s mathematical world cannot be designed without 0. So, 0 is a “zero” integer? The number with these strange characteristics predates the civilizations that lived thousands of years ago.

We will draw as many numbers as we have learned in our elementary school years. We will write a negative integer on one side and a positive integer on the other, but first we need a focal point, a point where everything starts to decrease or increase. At this point, 0 enters the “zero” circuit. Numerically 0 “Zero” Point; It reveals the state in which nothing has happened, which has not yet gained value. We can call it a kind of starting point.

The number 0 “zero” is used in areas such as mathematics and physics. Acts as a reserve. In a calculation, it is sufficient to draw a vertical circle with the tip of the pen to reveal the absence of a point that has not yet been estimated. The bride 0 “Zero” Let’s explore the answer to the question of integers? Let’s take a closer look at the role of numbers with these strange features in the historical process and the story it comes down to today.

0 Why is “zero” not an integer or a natural number?

0, zero

0 “Zero” is an integer. With the previous integer and negative integers in the number sequence It is considered an integer. By looking around you can find the answer to the question of why “zero” is not a natural number. Can you see nothing, nothing, nothing? It is unnatural to refer to something you cannot see with a number. But when you have to show it during the calculation, it looks like something and is considered an integer.

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Also, 0 is called a special integer because it has no positive or negative value. 0 is “zero”, This is an odd integer, which is not a combination or prime. Although there is no result, it is an equal number because it can be divided by 2. 0 “Zero” is also considered an element of a set of real numbers and complex numbers. There is some debate on this issue, but the general acceptance is that.

What has changed the number “zero” 0 in history?

Umayyad State

The story of the appearance of the number 0 “zero” is considered to be completely intuitive. For example, when writing the annual harvest amount on a clay tablet, what would you write under a year without a harvest? You draw a circle like this to indicate nothing. This is the predicted source story of the number 0 “zero”.

Among the ancient Egyptians and Babylonians, 0 had no connotation of the number “zero”. They got that number They used the placeholder as a starting point. This is the first time we have encountered the concept of true 0 “zero” in Maya civilization. They use another code as a placeholder and evaluate the number 0 to “zero” with other numbers in the 20 number system. We find this application in other Mesoamerican communities as well.

0 The most confused civilization about the number “zero” was the ancient Greeks. They need a place, a starting point, but it makes no sense to use the numbers they used to meet objects in nature. As the famous ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle said, the number 0 signifies emptiness and nothingness. The actual vacuum cannot be specified He said there was no such number by adding.

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The Chinese used the number 0 “zero” as a placeholder. 0 The first place where we see the true mathematical properties of the number “zero” is India in the 6th year after Christ. This figure has survived to the present day, loaded with mathematical features and spread throughout Western Europe This is thanks to the Umayyad State Scientists. Because they used the decimal system. The word ‘Zero’, which means “zero” in English, appeared in 1589.

What are the basic mathematical properties of 0?

0, zero, mathematics

  • Four functions;
    • x + 0 = 0 + x = x
    • x – 0 = x
    • 0 – x = -x
    • x 0 = 0 ⋅ x = 0
    • X / 0 is not defined, except 0 / x = 0 and x = 0.
    • 0 is not defined above 0, except for x = 0 and x = 0.
    • 0/0 is not defined, it is unlimited.

The number 0 “zero” is considered an equal number because it is a multiple of 2. This is not a prime number because it contains a myriad of factors. This is not a compound number because the product of the two prime numbers does not give 0 “zero”. 0 “with zero” Some basic functions give results, some are considered indefinite or unlimited.

  • Set the theory:
    • 0 =
    • 1 = 0 ∪ {0} = {0} = {
    • 2 = 1 {1} = {0,1} = {}, {{
    • 3 = 2 {{2} = {0, 1, 2} = {}, {{}}, {}, {{}}

The number 0 “zero” is considered to be the blank set of the set theory or referred to as the blank set instead. In set theory 0 “Zero” should be used Because if there is a set where some things exist, there is a set that does not have those things, it should be considered as an empty set.

The use of 0 “zero” in physics and computers:

0, zero, 1

The number 0 “zero” is accepted as a basis in calculations made in the field of physics. For example on the Kelvin scale 0 degree water, cold water that can be physically And is called frost. The lowest possible energy is also shown as 0 “zero”. When it comes to speed, protected areas with an isolated system are equal to 0 “zero”. In other words, the belief in nothingness in ancient Greece has become a form that can be proven today.

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In the computer and software system, 0 “zero” represents half of everything It is generated with 1 and 0. Bits with rows 1 and 0 are used for data generation and storage. 1 stands for open position and 0 for closed position. Databases always start with 0 and continue with 1. So if 0 is not “zero”, you can’t even read this article.

0 “Zero” is an integer, we answered interesting questions like what is its role in the historical process, where is it used, and we explained what you need to know about this number with different characteristics. The historical journey of mankind It is full of interesting stories. One of these stories passes the number 0 to “zero”.

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