Why do you usually look at the clock at 11:11?

Why do you usually look at the clock at 11:11?

Why we are regular Look at the clock at 11:11? Spoiler: We don’t usually Take a look Clock 11:11. We can find out by doing a quick search on the internet Various products Those who talk about this interesting event. Based on some Arithmetic To understand this phenomenon. Considered, 1 stands for strength, energy and creativity. Of course, if you put it on four times in a row, everything is fine. These theories claim without any scientific evidence. However, if you think you are looking at the clock too much at that time, you are in front of it A case From Apophenia.

Don’t panic, it may seem like an illness or something bad, but really This is a very common occurrence, We have all experienced at some point. If you do not worry about it, there is nothing to worry about.

What is apoptosis?

Apoptosis is a phenomenon We tend to see patterns that have nothing. Basically, we focus more on certain events if we are in advance. For example, we think of a person who happens to call us on the phone and we think that both questions may be related. If the same person had called us at any other time we would have noticed in a way that we would not have done.

Apopnia makes forms appear to be non-existent

Something like this happens when a person tries to get pregnant or is afraid of getting pregnant. Both issues make us think that we have seen many pregnant women when we go out. In fact, it is nothing more than usual, but because it is an issue that worries us We are still watching.

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